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Sunday, December 23, 2012

PR Goes Spanish

8th December 2012.

A night to remember. I have never attended a dinner that much fun. I guess it was due to all of the friends around me :)

Public Relations Goes Spanish. That was the theme. At first I thought it was kind of silly to go for that kind of theme. But, when it was D-day, I am really amazed on how a lot of the students event lecturers put on an effort to wear all those pretty dresses and nice Spanish costumes. Indeed I was in awed with them.

Writing this story would seriously take a lot of time, because there were many wonderful things that happen. How about some photos and videos? Sounds better right?

So, feast your eyes people :)

 Le Fast Track Ladies
 Yuyu, Saif, Me, Shahril
 Una, Dayah, Me

 Rafiq, Bai, Haha, Paan
 Pka, Rafiq, Adam, Emier
 The entrance to the ballroom
 Registration counter
Pka, Dean, Yuyu
 Le A Classmates

MC222S 3A
 Su, Naju, Aizad
 Su, Le Popular Senior Dhiya, Me
 Me, Su, Rafiq
 Anis, Me, Pka
Le Partner In Crime :* Suhaida

And here is a video from our dinner. Credits to Anis Syazwani :)

Saturday, December 15, 2012

Why Should Running Man come down to Malaysia

안녕하세요 여러분 :)

I think I don't need to explain too much about this right? As all of you know, Running Man is one of the best variety show that started back in 2010. It was first aired on 11th July 2010 that consists of these magnificent people:

Lee Kwang Soo - Kim Jong Kook - Yoo Jae Suk - Song Ji Hyo - Ji Suk Jin - HaHa - Gary

Now, back to the main business. Why should these Running Man casts come down to Malaysia? It is simple actually. Because WE LOVE Running Man. I am sure any of the fans here in Malaysia much anticipated for THAT day to happen. 

Last time when I watched back the episodes of Running Man went to other countries, I got jealous. There was this one thing that came into my mind. If they can have shootings there, why not come down to Malaysia? The fans here could also overwhelm them with greetings way better than that, we could show that we too can be a good host to them. Plus we have many things that they can do. They can even shoot for a month here ! 

Malaysia consists of 14 states. We have so many tourists attraction that surely would make the Running Man casts be in an awed. Isn't that true Malaysians?

If for instance they want to have a mission that is located in a city. Kuala Lumpur is there for them. If they are looking for village sites to go, we have tones tones tones of those. Google it if you must. Historical places? We have Melaka for that. What else... Islands? Let me list it down for you, Tioman Island, Redang Island, Perhentian Island, Cotton Island, Pangkor Island, Sipadan Island and the list just keeps going on.

So, what is there not to come to Malaysia? We have tones and tones of variety things that Running Man can do here. If you are going to start talking about food, well, Malaysia has many different variety selection of foods that you can find ranging from traditional meals to all the meals in the world. 

In my opinion, Malaysia is one stop location for EVERYTHING. I really do hope that the PDs of Running Man would consider coming here to Malaysia. It is one of my dreams to see Running Man in action live here in my beloved country. And I am sure it goes the same towards the other fans here in this country.

I do hope that, with my article here, and from the tweets via Twitter and comments via Facebook, you would see that Malaysia should be your next stop for Running Man special edition.  

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Persediaan Minggu Orientasi UiTM



Yes hello, I am still here. Still alive and breathing normally. I guess some of you are getting bored of my blog right? Please let me explain the dramatic life that I am going through. Yet again the life of a degree student is really overwhelming myself. If you think it gets better, STOP, and think again. Unless you are a 4 flat CGPA student who doesn't have to worry about your marks because you are a splendid genius, what the heck?

In a nutshell, yes, I am busy and struggling as much as I can to achieve great scores for myself. So that later on if I want to do my masters, I can actually get a scholarship and fly somewhere few thousand miles away to study and lead a happy life in a future. Or apply for a JPA scholarship. Yet again only genius will get it. What a life. Sigh...

So, to the main point. To those new comers out there, are you ready to step into a new life with new surroundings, new friends, old friends, cool friends, dope friends, etc. University life is does not seem like what you see. Of course the cover is so perfectly beautiful with all the things that had been told, but be warn. Not everything in this world is perfect. Trust me, nothing in this world is perfect.

University level. Another level of education, where you only have 3 months per semester. Everything is cram into that 3 very short months. Not to worry, everything will go smoothly if you are an obedient person who would know how to balance your study time and fun time.

A few days ago I came across this video that one of my friend made. Very interesting and useful. Especially to those new comers into Universiti Teknologi MARA or also known as UiTM. First timers would always undergo a stage called the orientation week. This is when you would go through your registration, get your room in the college that has been assigned, meet new friends, get to know the people in campus and others.

What do you need to prepare when you are going to enter UiTM? Any special things that needs to be packed in your suitcase? Dressing code? Well, take a look at the video and Haikal has all of those answers to you :)

I hope you will find the video helpful in answering those fuzzy questions in your mind. For more videos from Haikal, do visit his YouTube channel:

Enjoy :)

Thursday, May 10, 2012

A Degree Student

Hello Hello !

I can see dust here and there. Oh wait, is that a spider web? Oh wow, it shows how long I didn't update my entry here. First and foremost I apologize for it. It's been a roller coaster rid for me these few months.

A Degree Student. What do you guys think about the tittle? Too much or just plain boring? Well, what ever you guys think, I'm here to share a little of my experience as a degree student. First of all you should know that I'm sort of like a special case for this. Some of you might wonder why didn't I finish my diploma like the rest? Did I do something? Practically yes, as a UiTM student (applicable to certain courses) there is this one program called the Fast Track. It is where you actually skip your diploma and go straight into degree.

But there is a catch to it. You don't graduate your diploma. So, if you can't carry it, you will actually drop out and have to repeat all over again. As in starting back your diploma. That is what I am scared of. No matter what it takes InsyaALLAH I will do my best to graduate from my degree course.

It has been a really rough and rocky road for me to start the semester off. There were a few problems here and there with certain things and A LOT of miscommunication with the students and management. Alhamdulillah it was resolved. eventhoughifeellikeitisstillnotdoneyet. Being in degree is different from diploma. Sort of like a huge impact in my life actually. At times I still can't properly think that I am a degree student because it seems to go in a blur. So fast.

Half of the semester had left. Currently facing of the mid semester test and doing all the assignments that needs to be submit due the dateline. Phew. With all the things that I need to do at home plus my work out sessions at Celebrity Fitness. One word. Hectic. But when you actually manage your time properly, you don't feel that pressurise and all over the places.

Once I'm in degree it sort of help me in many ways. I learn even more how to manage my time between house chores, studies, assignments and work out sessions. Even I am still having to struggle to be better. Importantly it teaches me to be mature. People might say that it is easy. Trust me, it's not as easy as it seems. I've been put through a lot of pressure to learn all of these and I am grateful for it.

For now I think that is it. Assalamualaikum

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Celebrity Fitness

\It seems quite a long time that I haven't write about something. Well, busy here and there of course. Degree will be starting in a weeks time, so got to get everything ready before semester starts.

Well, not the topic that I'm gonna talk today. Haven't we notice that lately, there are many obese people? Including me. Seriously I'm an obese, and horribly worried about it. I had been on diets. On and off. Don't need to ask me to do it again. So, I start to look for something new.

It started off with an event that I had organized. It was for a company that I work for a while. We had this Cycling for Health event. It was fun cycling around Putrajaya, but it showed clearly that I was out of shape. So, since that, my parents decided to send me to Celebrity Fitness. At first I kind of felt insecure the first time I step there. Well you know, seeing everyone so fit working out. But after a few sessions of training, I don't mind about it anymore. At least I felt better for myself, because I know that I'm changing for the good.

I'm worried for those people out there. For them, not realizing to live a healthy lifestyle. If you can't afford to go for a fitness center or other sort of stuff, to me, in my opinion, when there is a will, there is a way. You could take up sports like cycling, swimming, or maybe long distance run? Hey, it could help. I know a junior in my school back then. She was almost the size as I was, but after 1 year, she totally changed ! Like seriously from XXL to M ! I'm really proud of her. Because she showed that when there is a will, there is a way.

So Malaysian, when are you gonna start to make a change?

Friday, February 10, 2012

Manusia sekarang

Korang perasan tak, manusia sekarang ni macam mana? Pada pandangan saya, perangai mereka ni makin menjadi jadi. Makin pelik pun ada. Saya betul betul tak paham kenapa mereka perlu melakukan tingkah laku sebegitu.

Mungkin ada sesetengah dari korang mesti kurang paham dengan apa yang saya katakan bukan? Sebelum saya sambung cerita saya ni. Cuba korang tengok video video ni. Apa pendapat korang?

Korang rasa patut ke diaorang buat perangai macam tu? Kita amik video yang pertama tu la, video di KFC tu. Dengar khabar beritanya, ceritanya berlaku di i-City. Time tu memang ramai dekat KFC tengah nak membeli ayam la kan. Then later diaorang dapat tahu, yang ayam tak mencukupi untuk tampung semua customer yang ada dekat KFC time tu. Sebab dengar katanya lagi, ada boucher yang di beri oleh KFC secara online untuk beli ayam, so 3 orang cina ni pun pergi la beli. Daripada video penjelasan yang telah di beri semasa press conference, lelaki cina tu kata isteri dia dah tarik dia keluar, but then dia masuk balik sebab dia tak puas hati dengan service yang dapat. Then terjadi lah kisah kene tibai kejap tu. Last-last nanti saya post video penjelasan mangsa yang kene ya. Korang fikirkan sendiri apa yang dia kata. Tapi daripada pandangan saya, saya kurang yakin dengan penjelasan yang mereka beri. Walaupun diaorang dah buat laporan polis.

Kes kedua ni pulak. Pasal "pak guard" di Gaint KJ. Haihh. Saya tak tau nak kata macam mana la. Ok, memang betul orang tu curi motor dia, tapi perlu ke belasah dan maki orang tu? Balai polis kan dekat, serah je la dekat polis. Yang korang sibuk sibuk nak tibai mamat tu kenape? Memang dia dah bersalah. Tak perlu la nak tibai. Amik contoh la, kalau ada orang curi gula gula, nak pergi tibai dan maki dia ke? Tak kan? Serah je la kepada pihak berkuasa. Saya tak nak la kata lebih lebih, Kalau ikutkan hati, saya tulis ni rasa dah mencarut dekat guard tu balik. Weyh moto je pun. Kalau kereta Ferarri ke, Lambogini ke. Itu lain la. Ini moto? Ok, mungkin sebab dia tak mampu dan tu je kenderaan dia ada. Tapi, dia tetap TIDAK ADA HAK untuk tibai mamat tu.

Fuhh. Lega rasa dapat keluarkan semua ni dari hati dari biar ia terbuku di hati. Sebagai pekerja, kita kene la ada etika sebagai seorang pekerja. Jangan lah nak ikut hati je. Kita duk mengata orang lain, tapi pada masa yang sama, kita kene jaga tingkah laku kita. Sebab mana tahu tiba tiba kita yang terlibat dengan perkara bukan bukan. Kalau boleh dijauhkan la semua perkara buruk dari kita.

Jadi renung renungkan tentang perkara ini. Kalau macam ni la perangai masyarakat kita, sampai bila kita takkan maju.

Bawah ni video penjelasan yang saya katakan tadi. Tengok lah :)

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Tidak Bertimbang Rasa

Apa yang korang rasa atau fikirkan tentang gambar di atas? Marah? Geram? Pelik? Tapi pada saya pemandu mercedes ini sangat tidak bertimbang rasa.

Memang sudah ternyata yang pihak kompleks ni dah letak kon dekat tempat berkenaan untuk pemandu pemandu OKU, kalau korang perasan dekat parking tu, dia park dekat kawansan OKU. Yang tak pahamnya, PA dah announce lebih kurang 3 kali, pemandunya tak datang datang pun. Agaknya pemandu ni tak da otak la kot. Ke dia memang OKU?

Tidak sama sekali. Sebab, pemandu kereta ni siap keluar dari kereta dia untuk alihkan kon yang menghalang parking tersebut. Astaga, bodoh betul manusia ni. Dan yang paling tak tahan, mamat yang drive kereta ni, bila dah parking dan kelaur dari kereta, siap boleh cakap dengan telefon sambil gelak mcm *oink oink* Terencat la kot tu.

Memang tidak bertimbang rasa sungguh. Agaknya dia ni perlu masuk sekolah balik untuk belajar subjek sivik.  Kene basuh kepala dia dengan clorox bagi bersih baru dia paham maksud bertimbang rasa. Saya betul betul tak paham dengan manusia manusia macam ini. hanya tahu nak menyusahkan orang. Kalau dia boleh buat macam ni untu parking, tak tahu ape lagi yang dia akan buat kalau di luar sana. Samseng jalanan la kot.

Harapkan je pakai kereta besar dan mewah, tapi otak dan perasaan timbang rasa dia ntah mana dia dah campak. Hampeh !

Contrak RM2 Juta

Seperti ramai yang tahu dan di gempar gempurkan, pemain negara Malaysia Mohd Safee Mohd Sali telah menerima tawaran untuk menyambung contrak beliau bersama kelab Pelita di Indonesia. Sekarang ia menjadi satu topik sebutan ramai. Ada yang setuju dia sign contrak tu, ada yang tidak.

Tapi bagi pandangan saya, ada bagusnya dia sign contrak tu pun. Kalau diikutkan dari segi ekonominya, dia sudah pun mempunyai kewangan yang stabil. Dia boleh sara keluarga dia, nak pergi berjalan jalan pun boleh. Bagus la tu.

Selain daripada itu, macam karangan la pulak tulis ni. Teehee. Selain tu, dari apa yang dia kata semasa interview dengan radio HOT FM, dia kata, dia nak mengembangkan karier dia dalam bola ni. Dan juga dia nak timba sebanyak ilmu yang boleh untuk pasukan negara. Tengok, sekarang dia dah menjadi Kapten untuk Pelita Jaya lagi. Korang tak bangga ke dengan pencapaian dia? Safee Sali, menjadi Kapten, menggerakkan pemain pemain Indonesia. Safee tu, rakyat Malaysia tu, jadi Kapten. Mampu?

Haaaa, nak kabo pulak ni, kepada mereka yang mengatakan tak ingat negara apa bagai, korang cuba fikirkan, dengan pengalaman yang Safee ada, bila dia balik ke negara nanti, dia boleh latih pemain pemain kita yang lain. Lagipun, kita ada banyak pemain yang berkaliber. Cuma diaorg perlu di gilap dan di sental supaya dapat mencapai prestasi seperti Safee. Dan baru di perkatakan tadi di HOT FM, tidak menjadi masalah untuk beliau bermain untuk pasukan Harimau Malaya. Tengok, khabar angin lagi oleh pihak pihak yang tidak berpuas hati.

Kita kena la fikir secara terbuka. Jangan terlalu fikirkan tentang yang buruk. Kita stay positif. Safee sendiri telah fikir perkara ini secara mendalam. Bukan dia mata duitan dan suka suka je nak sign contract tu, jadi kita sebagai penyokong dia, kene la sokong dia sentiasa. InsyaALLAH Safee akan kembali ke Malaysia untuk memantapkan lagi pasukan Harimau Malaya kita.


Monday, January 30, 2012

Boucar 1 Malaysia TIDAK BOLEH DIJUAL !

Perhatian! Pelajar jual Baucar Buku 1Malaysia boleh dipenjara tidak lebih lima tahun, selain denda dan sebat.
This has been going on and on over facebook, and frankly, I'm getting sick and tired over it so I decided to write an article about it.
This annoyance finally reached me when a junior of mine from UiTM Lendu tried to play the smarty pants attitude.
I was sad for her because she has fallen victim to the idiocy of politics where the Rakyat gets stupid enough to be the puppets of... whatever.
Where were we, ah yes, smarty pants.
To make you understand why am i annoyed by this matter, I should explain what's going on first.
As we all know, the government decided to give us RM 200 worth in a form of 4 pieces of RM 50 gift vouchers for our books to be used for our education.
However, some people decided they actually wanted money because they really need it for something else.
So what they did was they sold the vouchers through the internet via
Some people also advertise that they accept the vouchers as token for money if they wanted to buy cellphones and stuff like that.
The government of course was made aware of this situation and decided to do something drastic about it.
So, since the STUDENTS seemed to be misusing the vouchers that they have been given, the government reported this action to the police and they stated that this action is a serious criminal offence and students selling or misusing the vouchers can be imprisoned for not more than 5 years, besides getting the whip of the cane and fined.
Back to the main story.
The actual reason why I'm so annoyed by this is because a junior of mine became a dog of politics (to put it in Fullmetal Alchemist terminology).
She actually tried to make people see how evil the government is, (please note that I remain neutral in any political business because I simply don't care and politics actually destroys many peoples life).
I quote

"menteri rompak juta2 ..penjara 1 tahun je.. baucer yg rm200 5 tahun...akal ada ka??"

"it's just not fair, can't you see?? orang2 besar dalam kerajaan buat hal, kena penjara, setahun je.. makan rasuah berjuta2..."

"budak2 yang terdesak nak guna duit, swap THEIR BV to cash, kena penjara siap sebat ape sume."

As you can read, she is clearly running away from the point of why this is a simple yet heinous crime.
She tried to justify that the higher up's in the government do lots of crimes and only get sentenced to one year in prison, so why should just a mere case of the voucher be sentenced to 5 years in jail besides getting caned and fined.
She even said that students need real money instead of vouchers.
So, in response to her, I said this,

"i don't see much of a point, never mind the government politics.. even when ptptn is given to students, they use it just to buy new handphones, in the past when ptptn was given to full amount terus to the student, student actually terus beli kereta guna duit tu. terdesak with money is the reason why students apply for ptptn, if it is not enough they find part time jobs to support themself. now for a rm 200 book voucher, why the fuss?"

Obviously she was not satisfied so she asked,

" LET'S MAKE IT SIMPLE my dear, i just want u to think.. IS IT FAIR FOR THIS 2 CASES? terima rasuah berjuta=penjara setahun. jual BV=penjara+sebat+denda. takya lah cakap pasal budak2 yang swap2 tu. THIS IS THE MAIN THING."

Now, I actually tried to reason with her so that she actually state a clever point without involving any politics in her reason.
She did so and she said this,

"ape yg i fikir ? i rasa tak patut dpenjarakan, kerana ini adalah hak masing, selain dari tu, yg jual kebanyykn memerlukn duit, terpulangla duit itu nk kemana,itu hak masing2. tidak perlu pertikai kenapa dan knpe kerana meraka ade sbb.
kn lebih baik bg duit, sbb rasanya semua tahu yg pelajar universiti memerlukn duit dr voucher yg xseberapa tu
sbb dari segi voucher itu dijual, rasanya sblm beri mereka da fikir kesan daripada bg voucher tu
samaada advantages or disadvantage
so why nk keluarkn sekarang undang2 tu ?
knpe x tulis je dekat voucher tu, siapa yang menjual voucher bodoh satu malaysia ini akn dpenjara 5 tahun, sebat smpai mati pucuk xkira lelaki perempuan"

ok opinion without political view.

And this was what I had to say to her,

"voucher tu macam diskaun voucher solely just for our books, kalau nak duit or perlukan duit, ada proper channels, zakat, etc. benda tu is given just to kurangkan cost pembelajaran siswa dan siswi, not exactly a charity drive to give money. this voucher thingy i guess was done without proper planning, didn't occur to them that students might actually misuse the voucher. like some bodies actually accept the voucer to be exchange with multiple items like handphones, etc. so the implementation of 5 years of prison and sebat is just a message that this act is a serious offence.i believe benda ni terjadi sebab kerajaan mendapati bahawa terlalu ramai pelajar yang membuat habit untuk photostat buku teks mereka, this itself is a crime and may bring you up to 10 years of prison.."

"Dalam hal kesalahan (a) hingga (f), denda tidak kurang RM2 000 dan tidak melebihi RM20 000 bagi setiap salinan langgaran, atau penjara bagi suatu tempoh tidak melebihi lima tahun atau kedua-duanya dan bagi apa-apa kesalahan kali kemudian, denda tidak kurang dari RM4 000 dan tidak melebihi RM40 000 bagi setiap salinan langgaran untuk kesalahan kedua dan seterusnya. Hukuman penjara juga boleh dikenakan tidak melebihi 10 tahun atau kedua-duanya iaitu denda dan hukuman penjara.
Dalam hal kesalahan (h) hingga (j), denda tidak melebihi RM250 000 atau penjara bagi suatu tempoh tidak melebihi 10 tahun atau kedua-duanya."

End of story, she was speechless.

I imagined her face would be like this,

Adaptation from my senior's blog. Click Here for his blog

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Perkenalan Kepada

Salam kepada bloggers dan juga blog followers saya.

Sihat semua? Alhamdulillah kalau sihat. Entry kali ini mengisahkan kembali mengenai blog saya ini. Saya rasa macam lama tak post entry dalam blog, itu saya terfikir nak menulis. Kepada followers lama saya, mungkin korang sudah melihat perkembangan blog saya ini. Kepada mereka yang baru saja baru mengikut blog saya yang tidak seberapa ini. Ini kisahnya.

Pada dulu kalanya, blog saya ini tempat luahan hati saya. Saya bercerita apa yang terjadi dalam kehidupan saya seharian. Entry entry lama masih ada lagi. Kalau tergerak hati untuk membuka kisah kisah lama, di persilakan, tapi habis baca yang ni dulu la. Hehe. Bila saya lihat balik memang kelakar zaman jahiliah mengenai blog ni. Makin lama saya makin lupa untuk masukkan entry baru. Itu ada kalanya dalam setahun tu, beberapa entry saja yang ada.

Bertahun sudah berlalu, muncul ke tahun 2011. Saya mula giat balik dalam blogging. Blog saya di baik pulih rupanya oleh sahabat karib saya Amezy Syafie. Saya kembali aktif menulis entry ini apabila mendapat inspirasi dari rakan sekampus dengan saya Shahril Fawzy. Melihat entry dia, saya rasa teruja untuk menulis kembali. Sejak itu, saya bertukar cara penulisan. Dari menulis entry yang hanya luahan hati yang tidak ada apa apa impak kepada orang sekaliling saya, saya bertukar persepsi untuk menulis perkara perkara yang memberi impak terhadap orang di luar sana.

Entry entry sekarang, banyak mengisahkan perkara yang ada kene mengene dengan orang di luar. Saya rasa ia lebih berbaloi untuk melakukan sedemikian daripada cerita kosong. Sebab tu ada kala macam saya lama tidak memasukkan entry yang baru. Sebab saya lebih suka mencari bahan bahan yang boleh anda semua baca.

Jadi, itu adalah serba sedikit mengenai blog saya ini. Saya suka keep things simple dan mudah di paham oleh orang ramai. baru menarik jadinya. Mutu lebih penting dari kuantiti yang ada. :)

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Good food?

As we all know Malaysia has many variety of food that can be found. From the basic Malay food to the most expensive 5 star hotel food. Surely many of you people got a place of your own to share where the good food is right?

But today I would like to share a little dark side of this. Yesterday I went to this restoran located here in Shah Alam. Went to PKNS to renew my passport, as you know it will take a while to get the passport, so my mom and I decided to get something to eat. How about you people take a look at this photo first. What is your opinion on it and how much the cost is. Try to take a guess.

Took your guess. I'm sure that many of you might think, this would cost about RM10 or below or the highest you might say is RM15. But actually, this cost RM22.90 EXPENSIVE ! And truth to tell. Tak Sedap. It's like the total opposite from its banner. If you see it in the banner, looks tempting. But when we got to the actual thing, I feel like hitting everyone of the workers. It's like they are not organize at all. Do they even want to work? I really don't know why do they even bother to work there if they serve this kind of food. Baik beli dekat pasar malam lagi sedap, lagi murah !

But since we were hungry, so finish everything up. Seriously I don't want to go there anymore ! It's a big NO for me. So not gonna have it.

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Adam Adli Digantung 3 Semester

Selepas melihat video yang di publish di youtube. Ini pandangan saya la ye, Adam Adli menunjukkan dia tu angkuh. Maaflah ye Adam, saya tahu anda ingin memperjuangkan kebebasan akademik untuk mahasiswa di negara, akan tetapi, cara awak tu tidak kene.

Pada saya la kan, memang betul apa yang di katakan dalam video Anwar Hadi, kalau nak berDEMO sangat dan ingin menghantarkan memorandum mengenai kebebasan akademik tu, buat la waktu siang, ini tidak, pergi tengah tengah malam buta, lepas tu jerit-jerit, terpekik-pekik, untuk apa? Apa yang anda dapat? Dapat hantar memorandum yang anda inginkan tu ke?

Sebagai mahasiswa, otak anda letak di mana? Di lutut ke? Cuba la awak fikirkan, pejabat tu buka pukul berapa? Hari apa dia beroperasi? Agak bodoh la saya katakan anda sebagai mahasiswa. Dan kalau setakat nak MENCAPUB (Mencari Publisiti Murahan), tak perlu la kot. Bende boleh buat secara baik, tapi awak tu yang tak da otak sangat pergi buat macam tu kenape? itu yang saya katakan, otak letak dekat mana.

Dan maaflah ye Adam Adli, awak tidak kasihankan ibu bapa awak ke? Diaorg telah banyak berhabis bagi awak masuk universiti untuk belajar, tapi awak? Menghabiskan duit mereka dengan melakukan semua ini? Pelik, sangat pelik. Sayang tak kepada ibu bapa awak wahai Adam Adli?

Wahai Adam Adl, fikir fikirkan lah, awak tu seorang pelajar. Tak perlu lah nak sibuk dengan politik, belajar tak sampai mana, ntah dapat kerja ke tak dah sibuk nak berpolitik. Memang kalau diikutkan tidak menggunakan akal yang dikurniakan.

Ini pandangan saya, mungkin ada yang tidak setuju dan mungkin ada yang setuju. Salah silap dalam bahasa harap di maafi. Sebab dah terlampau bengang tengok video dia yang berlagak poyo hebat sangat tu !

Ini video ulasan dari Anwar Hadi (click nama dia untuk ke account youtube beliau)

Kalau korang nak tahu lebih lanjut, check this link out ---> Adam Adli Akan Dibuang U

Adam Adli, you're just a jerk who hasn't even finish his studies and sibuk nak tunjuk hebat. Memalukan mahasiswa je. Kbye.

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Another year to an end

Wanted to post this on New Years Eve, but I guess I didn't get the chance to do it since I was away from home. My end of the year holiday was a journey of many memories. If I start to write it down, surely it will be an essay that I can write for English. So instead of that, I would like to share some of the moments that I had . Enjoy :)

 Starting the journey. Sisters :)

 Ini saja lepas geram actually. TEEHEE

 Ombak yang bergelora di Timur Semenanjung Malaysia.

 Ini pula di puncak Banjaran Titiwangsa. 

 Bersama sepupu di Kedah

 Perjalanan Kami ke Thailand

 Restoran Sami di Thailand. Halal ok :)

 Di central. Teehee.

 Kami dua keluarga :)

 Comel tak adik ni? Dia ni penari traditional daripada Indonesia :)

 Pada mulanya kami ingatkan dia ni patung, rupa2nya manusia !

 Cool la kiranya tu

 Chocolate Indulgence untuk adikku Aida Idros dari keluarga sebelah ayah kami. Khas untuk Aida kerana berjaya dalam PMRnya.

Cantik tak? Gambar yang diambil dari atas jambatan Pulau Pinang.

1 minggu meninggalakn rumah memang rindu jadinya. Tapi syukur kami sekeluarga selamat dalam perjalanan itu. Dan yang paling penting, we had fun together :)

Ingin mengurangkan berat badan?

Hai semua. Hari ni saya nak berkongsi sedikit ilmu yang baru dapat ni. Tidak kira lelaki mahupun perempuan, mesti korang nak tampil menarik bukan? Oleh itu saya tunjuk korang 1 jalan yang tidak menggukan apa apa bahan kimia, berikat perut sampai pengsan, mahupun membazir duit membeli alat-alat yang tidak patut.

Korang pernah dengar pasal diet mengikut jenis darah tak? Kalau yang ada pernah dengar tu bagus lah. Tapi yang baru pertama kali dengar tentang hal ni, apa kata korang cuba. Setakat ni, Alhamdulillah, saya dah mula turun berat badan. Dengah hanya tahu ada jenis pemakanan yang saya perlukan. Dah pun dapat turunkan berat badan sekarang ni.

Jadi apa tunggu lagi, mari singgah ke link ini. Semua jenis darah ada. So jangan risau ok :)

Selamat mencuba :)

Monday, January 2, 2012

New Year 2012

Good day people ! Gosh I miss my house and the fast internet so much. Syukur, Alhamdulillah that I have all of this facilities at home. 1 week without using the laptop to go online kind of made me suffer. But suffer no more I'm at home. Thank God...

So, how was your new year celebration? Surely all of you lots have extra fun right? With all of those fireworks concerts and I'm guessing that some went to go for a talk with Uztaz Azhar Idrus? Well, what ever was your celebration like, I would like to wish all of you Happy New Year 2011. Hope that this year would be better than the last year, and resolutions would be fulfill to the fullest.

To all of you primary and secondary students, welcome back to school. Do your best in achieving great grades in your examinations and other activities in school. School is a place for you to learn, so learn while you can. Don't waste your time doing unnecessary things such as skipping school, taking drugs, bullying people, "merempit" and etc. I tell you, it's not worth it. Later I know you will regret it and saying that you had waste your time during school time. I can assure you that, like the malay says, Nasi Menjadi Bubur. Nothing can be changed. So think before you do something.
 Next I would also like to wish for the students of IPTA and also IPTS. For those in UiTM, especially in UiTM Alor Gajah, Malacca, welcome back for the second half of the semester, hope you guys would do well in your examinations and also assignments that's been given. Don't wait until last minute then everything would just stress you up. And lately there has been some unpleasant things that is going on among the university students. I guess all of you would know about the demonstration of this and that that happened lately. Just sharing what I would like to say. You're parents sent you to the higher institution to further your study not to be political. If you want to do politic so much, later when you graduate, go ahead. No one will stop you. Since now you are still studying, complete your studies first. If not, it's just a waste of your time and wasting your parents money by doing all of those. So study smart people :)

I'm guessing that some of you might wonder what I did during new years eve don't you? Guess what I did. Sleeping. TEEHEE :D