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Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Hectic and Tragic

a shock today for me. it happens when i was about to go to the library after i ate during my recess. when i was about to make my way upstairs to the library, i look in this 1 form 3 class that i located next to the sick bay. i saw pn. amarjeet in class. so usually the class will be like damn quite and all. but today was a little different. the class was restless. there were some people moving here and there. i was wondering what was happening, so asked the nearest prefect. she said that someone fainted. well, rai to the rescue! lol! joke joke.. i went to the class and have a look. and yes, someone did fainted. some of the students were trying to help as many as possible as they can. but well.. lalalala~ i went in and helped. i have some first aid memories stuck inside my head. hey, i'm a qualify st. john ambulance. lasttimeactually. lol! but i can still use the knowledge to help those in need. in the end jing wey helped me to help the girl. well, she was ok. nothing bad happen. i only asked her dad to bring her to the hospital, since i think she is lacking of her fodo intake. so got kind of worried actually.

later in class, it was sivik lesson. our teacher came in as usual. just that she didn't teach us because was marking our mid year paper. hey i didn't bother since i had mod maths to finished.. =.=!! later on. suddenly our electricity was cut off. of course we got pissed off. ding dong ding dong.. suddenly our teacher started to say that she was feeling dizzy and all. she asked us for minyak angin. but, none of us had it. later on. it started to get worse. she had migrain. i got worried sick about her. i'm like. teacher, please calm down. don't cry. let me bring you to the sick bay so you can rest. but she insisted on staying in class. no way was i'm going to let that happen. in the end, she finally gave in and i walked her to the teachers lounge. well, with the help of some of my friends. thnkx guys! moving on. all the students were like staring at her. i'm like, can you guys just mind your own business? seesh! when we arrived at the teachers lounge, al of the teachers actaully started to panicked. wow, ok much. that was like...? well, one of the teacher wanted to actually call the ambulance, but she didn't want also. in the end, they took the school's van and went to the hospital. thank god she was ok.

and that is the story for today. please ensure that you guys drink a lot of water. since the weather now is unpredictable. drink water every 20 minutes. not drink in a large quantity. just enough to statisfy your trough.

Monday, May 25, 2009

Hell Yeah it's Over!

finally mid year exam has finish! OMG! MERDEKA! well, for a while only. i really can't enjoy until SPM finish. and that is like, what? 5 more months? hell its torture. well, i just hope it will be over soon. then, MERDEKA! but not really. my mom wants me to learn how to cook and all. anak dara laa katakan. hehehe.. well, i'll take it as a challenge. well, if u are going to get married when u are old enough later, u still need to learn how to cook for your husband. like, hello! u still gotta do it.

school holidays is just around the corner. 1 more week of schooling and then comes our holidays. at least for us to actually rest for a while. well, not me. on 4th of june i'll be taking my JPJ test. ohpleaseletmepass! then later that saturday 7th june, i'll be going off to camp for my last camp for smart and easy add maths. then when school reopens again, i know that i'm going to be busy. with all the coming activities and studies. kasturi's intensive tuition will be starting in june. anyone out there interested in going for tuition let me know! well, anyone can join. the kasturi that i'm going is located in KL! PASAR SENI! come and join me! the teachers there are really good! well, there are other teahcers. but the teachers who are teaching me are really good! This are the list of teachers:
  • Add Maths: beloved Mr. How :D
  • Physics: beloved Mr. Tan :)
  • Chemistry: beloved Mr. Freddy :B
  • Accounts: beloved Mr. Poon :]
well, there are other subjects promoted at kasturi. but i only took the package that they offer. i drop bio and replace it with accounts, since i'm not taking bio. lol! ok. why am i starting to talk about kasturi here? that is weird. lol! anyways, who ever is inetrested let me know! xD

ok, so called fr promoting much. hahahaha! well, this friday my school will be celebrating our teachers day. i know its going to be awesome as usual. with the BOOM performence by the students and teachers. xD really can't wait! be waiting for that day!

Monday, May 18, 2009

My Solutions For Physics

here is it! the best solution that i can find for my physics. as i got back home today, my mom send this breaking news to me. she said she found an article on NST about a blog for SPM PHYSICS. well, to me this is a really good opportunity for me to actually improve my physics. so anyone out there who are kind of weak, or really weak. how about you guys check out this blog. or you guys can just go to my link of friends and find for physics online.

last time i had trouble with accounts, and my friend gave me a link, well, a blog actually, it really haelped me actually. i'm quite surprise about it. so now i'm hoping with this solution that i just found. ok, my mom's solution. lol! i really hope i can improve on my physics.

so you people out there, go have a try!

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Exams... The Pain):

this is currently the 4th day of exams. I still have about, well... 8 days more until exams is over. tomorrow is ADDITIONAL MATHEMATICS PAPER!!! *screamsherheadsofflikehell* but that is not the end. tomorrow will only be just paper 2. I still have to face my paper 1 next week. *hangingherselffromthefan*

just pray for me that I can pass the paper. even better, to get A for the paper!

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Happy Mothers Day Mama!

Everyone here knows that on 10/05/09 will be mother's day. Here, I would like to take the opportunity to say
Pn. Haslina bt. Sheikh Hassan

Mama, you've always been there for me. Even though i rarely listen to you [I agree on that one...] but I still love you. I know I'm naughty and all, but yes yes.. I lap u mama! hehehehe...

I think you've heard this already. I'm sorry that I have hurt you. I'm sorry that I've hurt you.. But deep in my heart.. I really want to make you a proud mother.. To show you that you can rely on me.. And to show you that I can be a good sister and daughter.

Once again, Happy Mother's Day...