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Monday, May 25, 2009

Hell Yeah it's Over!

finally mid year exam has finish! OMG! MERDEKA! well, for a while only. i really can't enjoy until SPM finish. and that is like, what? 5 more months? hell its torture. well, i just hope it will be over soon. then, MERDEKA! but not really. my mom wants me to learn how to cook and all. anak dara laa katakan. hehehe.. well, i'll take it as a challenge. well, if u are going to get married when u are old enough later, u still need to learn how to cook for your husband. like, hello! u still gotta do it.

school holidays is just around the corner. 1 more week of schooling and then comes our holidays. at least for us to actually rest for a while. well, not me. on 4th of june i'll be taking my JPJ test. ohpleaseletmepass! then later that saturday 7th june, i'll be going off to camp for my last camp for smart and easy add maths. then when school reopens again, i know that i'm going to be busy. with all the coming activities and studies. kasturi's intensive tuition will be starting in june. anyone out there interested in going for tuition let me know! well, anyone can join. the kasturi that i'm going is located in KL! PASAR SENI! come and join me! the teachers there are really good! well, there are other teahcers. but the teachers who are teaching me are really good! This are the list of teachers:
  • Add Maths: beloved Mr. How :D
  • Physics: beloved Mr. Tan :)
  • Chemistry: beloved Mr. Freddy :B
  • Accounts: beloved Mr. Poon :]
well, there are other subjects promoted at kasturi. but i only took the package that they offer. i drop bio and replace it with accounts, since i'm not taking bio. lol! ok. why am i starting to talk about kasturi here? that is weird. lol! anyways, who ever is inetrested let me know! xD

ok, so called fr promoting much. hahahaha! well, this friday my school will be celebrating our teachers day. i know its going to be awesome as usual. with the BOOM performence by the students and teachers. xD really can't wait! be waiting for that day!

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