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Monday, May 18, 2009

My Solutions For Physics

here is it! the best solution that i can find for my physics. as i got back home today, my mom send this breaking news to me. she said she found an article on NST about a blog for SPM PHYSICS. well, to me this is a really good opportunity for me to actually improve my physics. so anyone out there who are kind of weak, or really weak. how about you guys check out this blog. or you guys can just go to my link of friends and find for physics online.

last time i had trouble with accounts, and my friend gave me a link, well, a blog actually, it really haelped me actually. i'm quite surprise about it. so now i'm hoping with this solution that i just found. ok, my mom's solution. lol! i really hope i can improve on my physics.

so you people out there, go have a try!

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