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Saturday, April 30, 2011

Another Semester to an End.

3 months had passed and guess what, it is the end of another semester. Toady will be my final paper that is Sociology, then later on, have to do a little bit more on the clearence of my room, then VUALLAH! Home sweet home.

Tell you what, this semester is one hectic semester that we can get. It was a busy semester for me, with my duties to the college and also my studies. Truth to tell, it was not easy at all. But, with a lot of patience and guidance, I manage to pull it off. I know I did my best in giving the best. So, I pray that it will give good results. I still remember that one particular paper that gave all part 2 heart attacks. Interpersonal Communication. Crap I hate hearing it. Don't know how it happened, even the lecturers were pissed off by it. We, DIPLOMA students don't take DEGREE papers. How can that be a mistake? Yeah, we took the degree format paper for that exam. Not the diploma format.

What ever it is, what's done is done. Just hope for the best, and lets wait for another BRILLIANT semester next month. :)

Sunday, April 10, 2011


It was a success! We manage to pull it off! WE! The Part 2 students of MASSCOMM! We Manage to pull it off!

It is a great feeling to know that we can do it. Dato Mizan was impressed by all of us, even the lecturers said that it was like a mini of the part 6 event YMC. WOW! Congrats to all of part 2 for a splendid job! To the committees you guys did a great job too.

I wouldn't be surprise if we can pull a better event next time :)

Monday, April 4, 2011

19th Birthday :)

My 19th birthday was fun and full with the people whom I love. Since I can't go home for my birthday due to the reason that 'm taking care of a booth at Youth Media carnival, my parents came all the way from Shah Alam to Melaka just to visit me for my birthday. Thanks mama and abah! We went to Umbai and had dinner. My mom got me some cupcakes. very2 pretty!

Aren't the cup cakes cute and the cake looks yummy too. Both are delicious! No, not because of the baker of other, to me it is due to the people that gave me this!

Today, a beloved someone bought me cakes :) Aww.. It's the first time that I actually got something from someone special. Thank you soo much :') I will never forget it!