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Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Rock totally rock today!

Hannah Montana Rock With Shila!

today was the awesomeness day in school. even though we learn as usual following our time table and all. but everything happens after school. yup! Disney channel came to our school to shoot the hannah montana rock with shila. this is because that one of the sri amanian junior had actually won the contest to go for the next round. Alissa. congrats to u gurl! u made sri aman proud of u! i wish u the best of luck for the competition!

2.oo p.m the bell rang off. well, since we form 5's were actually not the compulsary people to be there, so, we ran off quickly to the hall. yeah, yeah.. i noe. we look like children out of control right? but hey, its not tht eveytime some artist will come to our school. lol! well, when we arrived in front of the hall. i guess, we weren't the earliest to be there. ok, annoyed a little. but in the end we got in and had tones and tones of fun. the school hall was totally different! like OMG! is this our hall?? Shila from One In A Million was there to entertain us. since she is the one who is like hannah (only in malaysian version). We had Farish Aziz as our host. it was totally awesome! and i lost my voice. again. lol!

they held some games. but the not so fun part was tht, they already choose who was going up the stage. i'm like.. ok, fine lah.. but one thing tht i'm really feeling a little pissed off, i almost got tht mickey web cam!!! urggh!!! y? y? y? nvr mind. maybe it wasn't my luck. oh well. shila perfome some songs for us. well, some of her songs, and some hannah montana songs. it totally rock. even though i'm not a big fan of shila, but she was good! when she first came in, she sang, best of both worlds. Hannah's first pop BOOM song. then she sang some of her songs, memori tercipta and chase. it was not bad at all. i kind of like it. and then she sang another hannah's song, tht i can't recall. and the finally of the show was, we had this kind of a concert like with shila singing best of both worlds. damn it was awesome! at the end of the day, when all of us wanted to leave already, i had the chance to shake hands with Farish Aziz!

Friday, April 17, 2009

Sports Day

16/04/09, yep! sports day. hell as it was. green house lost. again. we lost during merentas desa, acara padang, n sports day! =.=!! i feel so dumb right now. after all the hard work we seniors and thanks to the support of the juniors for being there for green house. we still lost. tones of things happen in the duration before sports day. conflicts, arguments, comments, condems, pressure, sadness, happy, fun. hell yeah there were tones of things.

3.00 a.m. i woke up at a sudden. then as usual i can't go back to sleep. finally i just decided to read some book and listen to music until i fell asleep again. at that was already like what? 5.00 a.m? and i have to get up again at 5.40 a.m. only 40 more minutes to sleep. later on my dad woke me up as usual. me and my sis got ready to go to the stadium.

at 7.10 a.m. we arrived at the stadium. and i was quite shock to see that many of the students have arrived. later on, i called all the green house members to go down to the field, just to touch up a little more on our march pass.

we did our best and all. and i was really proud with the runners. many of them got gold medals! xD i'm so freaking happy for you guys!

but in the end, i had to go back early. and i got to know that green house was in last place. sad, but we did our best.

Friday, April 3, 2009


hello bloggers! lol. i am now officially 17 years old! xD i really can't be believe it man! yesterday started at 12 a.m. sms started to come in and got some few calls from my friends wishing me a happy bday, later on in the morning went to school as usual. was thinking of skipping, but hey its not good to skip school u know. got chamestry some more that day. =.=!! what a way to enjoy your bday. d:

later on that night, my dad brought us to dinner at soho kl. i think it is located in sri hartamas if i'm not mistaken. we had japanese buffet dinner! well, not just japanese, there were also western and some others. the restoran name was TENJI. i seriously overdone myself yesterday. and i'm still bloated! :O had tones of sushi, some tempayakis, some western food and very very nice choc fountain! xD

This coming sunday i'll be going to metro to do my car lisence. i really hope i'll do my best to pass. that's all for now!