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Thursday, May 10, 2012

A Degree Student

Hello Hello !

I can see dust here and there. Oh wait, is that a spider web? Oh wow, it shows how long I didn't update my entry here. First and foremost I apologize for it. It's been a roller coaster rid for me these few months.

A Degree Student. What do you guys think about the tittle? Too much or just plain boring? Well, what ever you guys think, I'm here to share a little of my experience as a degree student. First of all you should know that I'm sort of like a special case for this. Some of you might wonder why didn't I finish my diploma like the rest? Did I do something? Practically yes, as a UiTM student (applicable to certain courses) there is this one program called the Fast Track. It is where you actually skip your diploma and go straight into degree.

But there is a catch to it. You don't graduate your diploma. So, if you can't carry it, you will actually drop out and have to repeat all over again. As in starting back your diploma. That is what I am scared of. No matter what it takes InsyaALLAH I will do my best to graduate from my degree course.

It has been a really rough and rocky road for me to start the semester off. There were a few problems here and there with certain things and A LOT of miscommunication with the students and management. Alhamdulillah it was resolved. eventhoughifeellikeitisstillnotdoneyet. Being in degree is different from diploma. Sort of like a huge impact in my life actually. At times I still can't properly think that I am a degree student because it seems to go in a blur. So fast.

Half of the semester had left. Currently facing of the mid semester test and doing all the assignments that needs to be submit due the dateline. Phew. With all the things that I need to do at home plus my work out sessions at Celebrity Fitness. One word. Hectic. But when you actually manage your time properly, you don't feel that pressurise and all over the places.

Once I'm in degree it sort of help me in many ways. I learn even more how to manage my time between house chores, studies, assignments and work out sessions. Even I am still having to struggle to be better. Importantly it teaches me to be mature. People might say that it is easy. Trust me, it's not as easy as it seems. I've been put through a lot of pressure to learn all of these and I am grateful for it.

For now I think that is it. Assalamualaikum