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Sunday, May 15, 2011

Universal Studio, Singapore

3 days and 2 night in Singapore was an exiting day for me and my family. Even though it was kind of a last minute plan, but seriously, all of us had tones of fun !

Universal Studio Singapore was our target. Build in the Island of Sentosa, it is seriously one of the biggest main attraction for all tourist in Singapore. On Friday the 13th, me and my family set off for our journey to Singapore. The trip took about 4 hours. Tired as we were, but it all payed off when we checked into the hotel. Festive hotel was the place that we stayed for the 3 days. When we arrived, we unpacked some of our thin
gs and had a good rest.

The next day on the 14th, started in the early morning at 9.00 a.m. me and my sisters set off first to Universal Studio's main gate. We thought we were the early birds to be there, our thoughts were wrong. Many people had actually lined up at the gate to get in. A bit surprise about it. TEEHEE.

The rides, breath taking ! Awesome rides! The best among the best would be Sci-Fi city. The roller coaster is the BOMB ! I can sure you that. I'm So speechless that I can't really say much. Just that, YOU HAVE TO GO THERE !

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Mother's Day

As we all know around the world, it is Mother's Day. The day we celebrate love to our mothers. But can I ask you this. Why do we only celebrate our mother's only on mother's day? Why can't we celebrate it EVERYDAY? As the children of our mothers. We should celebrate it everyday. Always make our moms happy, ensure that they feel seeing you in a good condition.

To my mom, I'm sorry for all the troubles that I had cause you for over the years. I know I had said many sorries to you. At times I just think that the sorry wouldn't mean anything. Yet I was wrong again. All that you want to know is the sorry word from me and also you wanted me to change to a better person. I'm a child that has many mistakes. Many hiccups. I tried to show off to you that I can be a better person. Again, I fail. All I w
anted is to show you that I can be the grown up that you are willing to see.

Mom, I might be childish, it's because I want your atten
tion. I might be naughty, just to hear your advices. Mom
, I might not say this to you personally, I always wanted to sit with you and just talk with you. But I'm scared. I'm scared that what I said might back fire to me. I don't want that. I just want to hear your comforting voice to make me feel better.

Mom, you are the best thing that have been mine. The treasure that God had gave to me. It is you, for the rest of my life. Happy Mothers Day.