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Thursday, July 23, 2009

Hit and Run

today was just bad bad bad bad! in school it just was totally like hell.. and then while driving back home, this one KELING lady very the stupid one, dunno how to drive is it?! hit my car and ran away! DAMN IT DAMN IT DAMN IT! this is my first accident.. damn it!

she was suppose to be on the left side of the lane because she wants to go straight. but noooooo.. where was she? on the very most right of the lane! like hello?! the right lane is suppose to be for the people who are going to turn right. the most left lane is for going straight, meanwhile the middle lane, you can choose both. FOR HEAVENS SAKE DOESN'T SHE KNOWS THAT?!! STUUUUUUUUUUPIDDDDDDDDDDDDDD! Dh la langgar krete org! pastu lari plak! nk je CEPUK muke keling tu! nasib baik krete calar jer, kalo kemek, dah sah sah, pegi cari dia sampai lubang cacing...

you makcik the very $%$&)(&$*#^$%^@*#!$&@#%^#^%&@*$^*@($&!@*~_@*~#_7*$^@&#^!(&@#(!)$&$@*#&*(@^%R&@^$@&$^&!$#^!&*@^%~$%^@&*%&#*)$*@(#&%@&$&%@&*#^!#*!_#$*(!$&!^$!(^#$!*($^!#^%!#!(#(!)#$(!*%!$*(!~@(!~+3491+93`0!!!!


Wednesday, July 1, 2009

National Service siri 7!

well, well, yesterday was kind of hectic since that most of the form 5's are going crazy about PLKN. not crazy in the sense that they like it. well, some of them are really got excited to know that they got it. one of them is, me! hahaha!! yup yup! i got into PLKN. i' thrilled actually. i'm quite shock to know that there are actually many people got into PLKN. what the heck, i'm in. and i'm happy. LOL! this is how it goes yesterday. i was happily doing my work. and suddenly zaza, told me that the list for the PLKN siri 7 is out. she said, go and check. first i didn't believe her, but a few minutes later, another friend of mine send me a sms. she fowarded to me the msg, that she got into PLKN. ok, shock to know that she got in. so i was thinking. what the heck and check. tesveen called me coz i was like making fun of her in PLKN. lol! sorry tess, she told me that if u get the reply late, you are in. but if u get the reply fast. u didn't get it. i was like. ok, i've sent my sms quite a while ago. and finally i got the result. and YES! i'm in~ xD

today in school, people were going around asking one another did u get it? did you get it? to me, it was fun to go around asking people. LOL! one of my formal teacher in school was a PLKN trainer. so, i told her. and she was happy to know that i got in. well, i think.. i dunno.. wtv. LOL! so you people out there, what are you waiting for. go and check!