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Friday, April 3, 2009


hello bloggers! lol. i am now officially 17 years old! xD i really can't be believe it man! yesterday started at 12 a.m. sms started to come in and got some few calls from my friends wishing me a happy bday, later on in the morning went to school as usual. was thinking of skipping, but hey its not good to skip school u know. got chamestry some more that day. =.=!! what a way to enjoy your bday. d:

later on that night, my dad brought us to dinner at soho kl. i think it is located in sri hartamas if i'm not mistaken. we had japanese buffet dinner! well, not just japanese, there were also western and some others. the restoran name was TENJI. i seriously overdone myself yesterday. and i'm still bloated! :O had tones of sushi, some tempayakis, some western food and very very nice choc fountain! xD

This coming sunday i'll be going to metro to do my car lisence. i really hope i'll do my best to pass. that's all for now!

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