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Friday, March 13, 2009


it has been 3 months of schooling and the first long [even though its only 1 week can consider long] holiday! well, march test has passed away, now time to moved on. well tones of things has happen for this pass 3 months.. studies, co-curicular activities and tuition. very tired wey! but still, like most of the teachers in school will say, either in BM or English. "Berkorban lah selama 8 bulan ini. SPM hanya sekali seumur hidup. Jadi buat yang terbaik gilrs.." especially Puan A.. hahahah! the ones in my class, you know who she is.. xD

well, its true of what she says. SPM only comes once in a life time. so better grab the chance while u can. better to regret now than later. tomorrow i got tuition. as usual.. then on sunday i'll be going to smart and easy add maths camp. its the second module. went last year already. so noe continue. not much to say. update soon!

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