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Monday, January 2, 2012

New Year 2012

Good day people ! Gosh I miss my house and the fast internet so much. Syukur, Alhamdulillah that I have all of this facilities at home. 1 week without using the laptop to go online kind of made me suffer. But suffer no more I'm at home. Thank God...

So, how was your new year celebration? Surely all of you lots have extra fun right? With all of those fireworks concerts and I'm guessing that some went to go for a talk with Uztaz Azhar Idrus? Well, what ever was your celebration like, I would like to wish all of you Happy New Year 2011. Hope that this year would be better than the last year, and resolutions would be fulfill to the fullest.

To all of you primary and secondary students, welcome back to school. Do your best in achieving great grades in your examinations and other activities in school. School is a place for you to learn, so learn while you can. Don't waste your time doing unnecessary things such as skipping school, taking drugs, bullying people, "merempit" and etc. I tell you, it's not worth it. Later I know you will regret it and saying that you had waste your time during school time. I can assure you that, like the malay says, Nasi Menjadi Bubur. Nothing can be changed. So think before you do something.
 Next I would also like to wish for the students of IPTA and also IPTS. For those in UiTM, especially in UiTM Alor Gajah, Malacca, welcome back for the second half of the semester, hope you guys would do well in your examinations and also assignments that's been given. Don't wait until last minute then everything would just stress you up. And lately there has been some unpleasant things that is going on among the university students. I guess all of you would know about the demonstration of this and that that happened lately. Just sharing what I would like to say. You're parents sent you to the higher institution to further your study not to be political. If you want to do politic so much, later when you graduate, go ahead. No one will stop you. Since now you are still studying, complete your studies first. If not, it's just a waste of your time and wasting your parents money by doing all of those. So study smart people :)

I'm guessing that some of you might wonder what I did during new years eve don't you? Guess what I did. Sleeping. TEEHEE :D

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