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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Good food?

As we all know Malaysia has many variety of food that can be found. From the basic Malay food to the most expensive 5 star hotel food. Surely many of you people got a place of your own to share where the good food is right?

But today I would like to share a little dark side of this. Yesterday I went to this restoran located here in Shah Alam. Went to PKNS to renew my passport, as you know it will take a while to get the passport, so my mom and I decided to get something to eat. How about you people take a look at this photo first. What is your opinion on it and how much the cost is. Try to take a guess.

Took your guess. I'm sure that many of you might think, this would cost about RM10 or below or the highest you might say is RM15. But actually, this cost RM22.90 EXPENSIVE ! And truth to tell. Tak Sedap. It's like the total opposite from its banner. If you see it in the banner, looks tempting. But when we got to the actual thing, I feel like hitting everyone of the workers. It's like they are not organize at all. Do they even want to work? I really don't know why do they even bother to work there if they serve this kind of food. Baik beli dekat pasar malam lagi sedap, lagi murah !

But since we were hungry, so finish everything up. Seriously I don't want to go there anymore ! It's a big NO for me. So not gonna have it.

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