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Thursday, November 22, 2012

Persediaan Minggu Orientasi UiTM



Yes hello, I am still here. Still alive and breathing normally. I guess some of you are getting bored of my blog right? Please let me explain the dramatic life that I am going through. Yet again the life of a degree student is really overwhelming myself. If you think it gets better, STOP, and think again. Unless you are a 4 flat CGPA student who doesn't have to worry about your marks because you are a splendid genius, what the heck?

In a nutshell, yes, I am busy and struggling as much as I can to achieve great scores for myself. So that later on if I want to do my masters, I can actually get a scholarship and fly somewhere few thousand miles away to study and lead a happy life in a future. Or apply for a JPA scholarship. Yet again only genius will get it. What a life. Sigh...

So, to the main point. To those new comers out there, are you ready to step into a new life with new surroundings, new friends, old friends, cool friends, dope friends, etc. University life is does not seem like what you see. Of course the cover is so perfectly beautiful with all the things that had been told, but be warn. Not everything in this world is perfect. Trust me, nothing in this world is perfect.

University level. Another level of education, where you only have 3 months per semester. Everything is cram into that 3 very short months. Not to worry, everything will go smoothly if you are an obedient person who would know how to balance your study time and fun time.

A few days ago I came across this video that one of my friend made. Very interesting and useful. Especially to those new comers into Universiti Teknologi MARA or also known as UiTM. First timers would always undergo a stage called the orientation week. This is when you would go through your registration, get your room in the college that has been assigned, meet new friends, get to know the people in campus and others.

What do you need to prepare when you are going to enter UiTM? Any special things that needs to be packed in your suitcase? Dressing code? Well, take a look at the video and Haikal has all of those answers to you :)

I hope you will find the video helpful in answering those fuzzy questions in your mind. For more videos from Haikal, do visit his YouTube channel:

Enjoy :)

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