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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Celebrity Fitness

\It seems quite a long time that I haven't write about something. Well, busy here and there of course. Degree will be starting in a weeks time, so got to get everything ready before semester starts.

Well, not the topic that I'm gonna talk today. Haven't we notice that lately, there are many obese people? Including me. Seriously I'm an obese, and horribly worried about it. I had been on diets. On and off. Don't need to ask me to do it again. So, I start to look for something new.

It started off with an event that I had organized. It was for a company that I work for a while. We had this Cycling for Health event. It was fun cycling around Putrajaya, but it showed clearly that I was out of shape. So, since that, my parents decided to send me to Celebrity Fitness. At first I kind of felt insecure the first time I step there. Well you know, seeing everyone so fit working out. But after a few sessions of training, I don't mind about it anymore. At least I felt better for myself, because I know that I'm changing for the good.

I'm worried for those people out there. For them, not realizing to live a healthy lifestyle. If you can't afford to go for a fitness center or other sort of stuff, to me, in my opinion, when there is a will, there is a way. You could take up sports like cycling, swimming, or maybe long distance run? Hey, it could help. I know a junior in my school back then. She was almost the size as I was, but after 1 year, she totally changed ! Like seriously from XXL to M ! I'm really proud of her. Because she showed that when there is a will, there is a way.

So Malaysian, when are you gonna start to make a change?

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