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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

One Less Lonely Girl

Hearing this song, only makes me think why can't I be the girl? Nah that's only in my dreams if Justin would want to sing that to me. But if Justin really wants to sing the song to me, I would be head over heals for it. HAHA !

The thing about this song it makes almost every girl hearing it special in some ways. Especially when he sings the part;
I'm gonna put you first
I'll show you what you worth
If you let me inside your world
There's gonna be one less lonely girl

The lyric is so full of meanings. I really wonder if there any guy that would make this verse a dream come true. A guy that would put his girlfriend/wife first, show her what she is worth of to him. That would be a knight in a shining armor. A guy that truly appreciate the girl for who she is. Not of what she is.

What I've realize nowadays, most guys go for material girls. The one with top fashion, latest trend, the HOTTEST chick in the town. What happen to the sense where you look at the girl for her heart, her feelings, her sincerity to love a person. I hope guys would start to realize about this thing. How important a heart is rather than the outer self of a person.

Ok, now I really wish that Justin would sing this song for me ! Can I be like that girl in one less lonely girl ? TEEHEE

P/S: The girl in the purple shirt is extremely lucky to be the one less lonely girl :)

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