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Sunday, August 14, 2011

Growing Up

Maybe you guys are wondering what's it with growing up? Yes, it is part of life. From a baby to a child then grow again in teenager, go to the next stage adult and the oldest would be the elderly then you die. Do you want to live a live just like that? No one ones it right? Looking from the scientific way it would be easy to live like that. But in LIFE, there are many things that needs to be done. Many things to achieve. I only realize it when a dear someone told me about a few things.

How small I am with knowledge. How unfamiliar I am with life. All I wanted was to be in my own world. I thought I would be safe there. But it in the end, it back fires. Living in my own world only gives me pain. How silly I was to think that it is ok to be in your own world. I would call that selfish. Tones of things need to be learn to let you know what is the meaning of life. All this time I've been in a state of depression. Not knowing how to handle things. But, that dear someone really helped me a lot in realizing it. How to be strong, how to face the world as it is, how to become a person that is truly who you are, not the person that you made up yourself to impress people.

Oh gosh, many things need to be improved. I'm already 19 but so many things need to be change. Do I have the time? Would I get another chance of changing things? Making it right again? So many mistakes. Almost every night I would cry myself to sleep. Knowing that I've been such a childish person. I hope that dear someone would guide me for the rest of my life. You really helped to knock me out of my dream world and face reality. And I pray to God that he would give me more time to do so.

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