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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Expo A Step To UiTM

On the 26th and 27th of March 2011, UiTM had held thier expo on Selangkah Ke UiTM, this is whereby UiTM from all over the country set up booths for the fresh students which had completed their SPM in 2010.

To me, the expo is a very good thing because it helps students to get a clearer view on what they want to pursue. With the help of modern technology, the students can actually check the courses that is suited with them with the SPM results that they had achieved.

I went to Malacca's Expo located in KBM (Kampus Bandaraya), It was a nice thing to see some selected MASSCOM students who actually were promoting the course that I'm taking right now. Lecturers were also there to ensure that the new comers can get a good clear view in understanding the course that they want.

I took along two new soon to be UiTM students to the expo. It feels different to actually bring someone to the expo and thinking that you are a senior there and stuff. Funny :P But seeing their faces in absorbing all the infos that were given off by the lecturers and volunteer students, was a nice thing to see :)

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