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Thursday, March 3, 2011

Dato VC to Alor Gajah Campus

Let me share a story where our beloved UiTM Vice Chanselor came to Melaka. In general the purpose was to have a meeting here in Melaka, but at the same time he made visits to our campus. Not only in Alor Gajah, but also in Bandaraya Campus and also the upcoming campus in Jasin.

Gelombang Merah

Gelombang merah is where all of the MASSCOMMERS come around together in greeting Dato VC when he arrived in KBM and also in Alor Gajah. It was fun at first, but seriously the waiting made us felt bored. Thank God Didie was there, at least he brought us around here and there just to fill in our times. (this is during KBM)

In Alor Gajah I didn't get the chance to join them due to the fact that I had to go under my college name. Since you have a rank that is what you have to do then. Not I am complaining, just wished I was with the red worriers to greed the VC into KAG. There was nothing much, just that we had like a forum talk? nahh... Not really, but kind of. pape je la. I event got to shake hands with the VC :) TWICE :P

Hope Dato can come again to our Campus :) Even though this visit was short, it was fun.

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