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Saturday, March 5, 2011

PPKP Semester 2

Finally 1 whole day gone with PPKP. Maybe some of you don't know what is it, it's ok. Just pretend that you understand :P But I think the students of UiTM knows about it :D

The morning started off with the usual where all of us, MASSCOMERS and DAIS students were gathered together for a short talk, then later on we were separated in our classes for LDK. I thought it would be the same boring thing all over again as in part 1. I guess my thoughts were wrong. We had a brilliant lecturer who actually made us have fun fun fun and more FUN!

Glad tht everything went well. We were suppose to finish all of our LDK around 6.30 PM. Thanks to the cooperation of the class, DMC2H I LOVE YOU GUYS!, we manage to finish it early. Had fun mostly doing dramas~ Most of the LDK were dramas. Drama here, drama there :)

We had tones and tones of laugh together today. Miss those times where all of us had fun like this. With this LDK, it was like, old memories. *Sounds of angels* Tears. HAHAHA!

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