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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Who do you think you are?

I'm sorry to say this, please get out of my life. I know that you can find a better person than me. So please please please let me go. There is no point of it. Seriously, there are others that are looking for you. I know they are better than I am. To me it wouldn't be the same anymore. I've been forcing myself to much already.

The thing is right now, I don't get it, why does your friend asking me nonsense things? If he things that I send all those stuff that has to actually be related to all the satanic things, PLEASE! I don't do those stuffs. There is no reason for me to do that. Those people might say that I hate you, but seriously I don't hate you at all. I'm just saying that you are better off without me. Meanwhile, your friend. I don't care whatever he wants to say or THREATENING me or whatever it is! I don't care! Because I know I didn't do it.

It's up to you to think the way it is. I know there are other ways to get all the things off your chest. But you? I'm guessing what my dear beloved someone said was true. Maybe you are not the one for me. It shows. You are doing it. I can't say anything.

Just please let me go

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