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Saturday, November 1, 2008

tones of laugh (pervertly innocent)

S: E slalu nak bukak pose cpt masa bln pose dulu sbb nak tgk porn..

F: Ha? Really? E, u masturbate yek?


E: Huh? Ape wey? Korang cakap ape td?

R: F kata, masturbate..

S: Masturbate-room. Ko nak?

E: Nak...... *still with the blur face*


E: Wey korang! Ape ni? Sabrini, what is masturbate?

Sab: *starts giggling*

Mich: Masturbate is, you have sex with yourself.

NSS: HAHAHAHAHAH!! you know what, you take your handphone and vibrate it.. HAHAHAH!!!

E: *still blur*

S: *laughing like hell*

R: ko stim sorang2 diri laa wey....

Moon: E, the meaning is having sex with yourself laaa....

E: eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!! geli geli geli!

LOL, ok. This is actually what happen in class yesterday. It was after recess. Since we finished our final paper before recess, we had free time until school ended. So, basically it was really stupid.. xD
Well, if you want the full story, I think you should check out my friend's blog.. go to her page and you'll know the full story.. She is in my link, go to fahimah's blog.. ^^

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