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Tuesday, November 4, 2008


Ok, so today I got some of my final exam papers.. Trust me, its not that good.. Some are, but some are not. Fell like struggling myself coz of this.. I dunno how to fix this. Maybe with A LOT of studying during the hols will help... And during this school holiday I'm going for tuitions.. In KL some more... =.=!! I don't quite bother about the distance.. Just that.. I dunno laa... wtv laa.. grrrr... I'm making a fool of myself right now... This saturday is Lyens party.. I'm not sure if I can go.. But I want to go... Well, its a costum party.. And I'm thinking dressing up as a waitress. Is that ok? o.O
hahahahah! I ran out of ideas.. I'm rarely go to parties and all.. expecially costume parties.. I know, I'm a freak.. LOL! nevermind about that... I guess that is for now... Can't wait 'till school ends and then start tuition and I'm getting my driving liesence! xD

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