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Friday, November 14, 2008

End of school year 2008

I'm so going to miss this year.. Seriously it is full of sweet memories.. Even though there are some bad ones, but lets not remember it.. The last day of school was totally fun! Well, not many of my classmates actually showed up.. But hey, at least I had fun with the one who came.. ^^

Early in the morning we had a little briefing by our beloved mother of form 4.. You guys know who she is.. hahahahahahahaha! We even have assignments during this holiday... For the science students.. =.=!! *more work during hols* But never mind.. Like Sabrini said.. We insaf already.. LOL! After the briefing we went to our form 5 class for next year.. I got the class which has blue n pink colour in it! xD my fav colours! But, Sabrini said we paint everything white.. hahah! can guess why? Ya... Insaf.. hehehehehhe.. I feel like that too.. Insaf man for form 5.. SPM year!!!! NOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *sigh* what to do.. Life must go on..

We even ordered some dominnos for our break.. Well, kind of like a end of the year class party, not.. Thank you Pn. Normah for buying the pizzas! xD Most of us got bloated after eating.. LOL.. Owh.. a little note, Fai, rugi u x dtg.. we all ate dominos! hahahahahah!!!

So, after we eat, eat, eat... Then we go back to class and clean, clean, clean! After that, we played snap game with the football cards that we got from dominos.. It was hectic in class, really really noisy.. but it was fun... We even took some photos with our beloved Physics teacher, Pn. Ngau.. The clock strok 1.20 p.m. and it was time to go back home, or should I say, SCHOOL HOLIDAY!!!! but no holiday for me since I'm going to tuition starting this Tuesday.. And I have my physics homework.. Never mind, I'll take it as a challange! GO GO Chaiyo!! NEXT YEAR SPM!!

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