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Thursday, November 6, 2008


Finally, since monday we have been waiting for this. The frisbee tournament among the form 4 students. My class was suppost to play on tuesday, but we didn't had the chance. And yesterday also we though we were up against that class.. But in the end, we found out they went out of school for their sivik projek. Since that class went to the class trip, we had some friendly match against the other class.. They are not bad btw.. All of them are good players..

So, finally today we had our match. It was really quite tense, well since both of the class played really good. Even Cik Foo said that between our classes, its hard to predict who will win. We played 2 set.. 5 minutes each set.. In the first round, it was still a tie.. Not exactly laa.. but yeah... Then we had another extra 5 minutes to see who will win. Can you guess? no... not my class, the other class. Then, there was a little problem between us and all.. But in the end, the captain of that team, when to see teacher and talk things over.. So, we are having another game tomorrow.. Just for 5 minutes.. To see who is going to finals.. And finals is tomorrow! =.=!! so yeah.. My finger is hurting, because we had a friendly match with the art students team who is going to finals.. well, got hit by the frisbee.. No biggie actually.. I don't mind.. hehehe.. That about it now.. and i need to go find a rafia string to tie up my SPBT books.. aiyoo.. =.=!! so many things to do... *sigh*

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