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Sunday, November 9, 2008

Hols is coming!

Well, its nearing the end of form 4 year.. This is making me nervous... SPM is coming.. I dunno if i'm ready or not.. Scary Scary Scary!!!!! Well, during the hols I won't be resting at all.. Going off to tuition, studying.. Cramming all the information that I can get into my head.. I seriously need to recap my form 4 silybus.. HELP!!!!!! *sigh* I really need to bulk up.. *sigh again*

Yesterday was Lyen's costume party.. I didn't had a chance to go. My mom don't want to send me.. So sad.. If not, I can enjoy myself with my beloved classmates.. On Tuesday, my mom wants me to take a bus to KL.. Yeah.. She wants me to go to tuition with bus.. Since I'm going to Kasturi Tuition Centre that is located in KL.. I have to take a bus.. I want to take the LRT.. But, my mom says bus is cheeper.. Hey, at least if I take the LRT i won't get stuck in the traffic jam. =.=!! well, what ever it is... I still have too.. One of my friend wants to follow me.. Well, he says that KL is dangerous and all... I don't mind actually.. hahahha!! I'm a bit flattered.. heheheheh... You still owe me McD! Don't forget yeah? You know who you are.. heheheheheheh....

As you can see... My hols will be filled with tuitions and studying.. I just hope I can get to go out for a bit... Please Mama!!!! But, I know that wouldn't happen.. Never mind.... I guess that's for now.. I'm starting to get sleepy.. hahaha! nite

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