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Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Driving License

I'm back again! LOL! Well, today I went to Metro Driving Academy. I think most of you know what is it right? Yup! I'm taking my license. My L n P for motorbike.

At 6.30 a.m. my dad woke me up as usual for my prayers, after praying I went back to bed, and yet again to be awaken by my dad at 6.45 a.m. saying "Ameerah, you're going to the metro driving academy today right? wake up!" *knocks on the door*

So yeah, I lazily woke up and get ready. We had breakfast and all.. At 8.30 a.m. the lady that picked me up from my home called me. I was hoping that she actually picked me up in front of my house, but it ended up that I had to go out to the main road and wait for her there. Ok, a little annoyed. Later, when she arrived, I got in the car and we set off to the main campus of Metro Driving Academy located in Kampung Subang. Tell you what, there were so many people today who are taking KPP (Kurikulum Pendidikan Pemanduan). Well, I sat there for 5 hours of talk. Well mostly people say its boring and all, but thank God our teacher was fun. I even get the chance to meet a few people. *Gahahaha!! new friendss! xD*

When we finish our session at 4 something p.m. I had a problem of checking out. It seems like the system registered me under "road-show" not under "walk-in" registration. I'm like, WTF? So, the lady that took us (btw, there is another person that she took along with us, a guy i dunno who), got pissed of and started cursing a little. I was shock actually, so, ding-dong ding-dong, I finally got checked out. THANK GOD!

In 3 more days, I'll be taking the computer test. I tried the CD that they gave me. I thought its quite easy, NOT! its not easy as you think. You really have to look for the correct answer. With all the KEJERA and the AKTA and the SIGN BOARDS and not forgetting the lisence part.. You can get a little headache. In the end, I actually failed the test of the CD, I should be thankful that its not the real test yet. So, I have to read the KPP book again. *sigh*

I just hope that I will pass. Pray for me guys!!

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