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Wednesday, October 29, 2008


Have you ever get stuck in a situation where, you study so hard, but u didn't score? Meanwhile, your friend who is really playful but yet, he/she can score in their exams.
Hey, I'm in that situation. And let me tell you, it seriously gives a big pressure on me. I keep wondering "How do they score?" *sigh*
You know, I really wish that I can be like my friend E. He/she always play a lot.. Trust me.. They play a lot.. They keep hanging out and all, but yeah, they still score. imreallyjelousofthemrightnow..
I guess some of you might think "They must have just passed the exam with D gred." Well, no. They score A1's for their papers.. That is the thing that I'm really frustrated about. As long as I've known them, I never heard them getting even a B. Seriously, OMG much?
My mom keeps pressuring me to score, score and score. Ok, I know that I am playful and all. But, please give me some space to breath! But I'm still trying hard to get good grades for my parents. I just really wish that, someday I can actually get really really good grades and show them and make them proud. I always think about that.. Its just that I never show it... =(

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