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Thursday, November 3, 2011

Oh My Result

Can't really believe it. After 3 months of studying and 1 month of semester break, results is finally coming ! Super scary. I'm guessing that everyone is anxious by now to get to know their results tomorrow. I know I am. I could only pray to God now and hope for the best.

Really wish that this semester was better than the last. If not surely I'll get my head off me. Of course it is not the end of things, just that, it's not easy to get the grades up. Oh how I wish that they know I'm working so hard and SMART too ok, to bring my grades up. I know I may play here and there, but that's the part of studying life right?

So many things had happened during this semester break. I just hope that things would fall back into place. Starting with this result. I would love to start fresh and be energetic with new things that I would face next semester.

Dear God, I've done my best for my exam and studies this semester. I pray to you that it would come out good. And I dearly pray to my friends too... Amin...