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Saturday, November 12, 2011

Feel Good About Yourself.

Mostly people would not feel good about themselves. Why? It is because they don't see what they have to themselves but only see what other people have that they don't have. So they feel bad about themselves for not having it. NOT GOOD.

All of you should know that God made us special in other ways. We might be good at what the other people are good in, but we have our own talents and skills that is different from the others that makes us unique and special. You are amazing, Just the way you are. That's what Bruno Mars said, and yes, it is true. Just as I said it earlier.

This is from my experience, I keep feeling bad about things that happen to me and I keep feeling down that I don't have what others have. I feel like I'm incomplete. Ever since I was a little girl, until the senior year of high school. I keep envying my friends who have things that I want that I don't have. That time, how I wish I could be like them. How could I be free and all of the other things like them. But when I furthered my studies later on, I started to realize that, I don't need to be like them. I am who I am. I have my own grounds to stand on, I can be firm in my own ways that people would accept, and most importantly, I feel great about myself.

I achieve many things when I am myself, I got to know my strengths and weaknesses. I improve myself on things and yet still many things need to be improved on. And it's fun to be myself. When I was back then, I wanted attention from people, to be well known and such, but I didn't manage that, and yet it turn around the other way that people hated me because of my attitude and such. After I opened my eyes to see things differently, I manage to come out from that zone I was in, and start a new life of just being who I am. Seriously, people would accept you better.

You need to know how to control yourself. At times you can be the goofy person you are, and also there are times you need to stand your grounds and say what you need to say. You need to learn to know the environment and such. It was a though thing to do for me, since I was so childish back then. But, Alhamdulillah, with the help from the people around me, I manage to come out of it and become a better person, yet still to improve. Seriously need to remind myself that I need to improve. TEEHEE.

My life experience when I was in UiTM Alor Gajah, truly build me up. Even I was rebellious to my mom to become one of the high committee in my college, but I didn't regret it. It changed me and made me open up to things that I didn't see earlier. And I'm extremely grateful about it.

Other than that, last time when I got my SPM result, it wasn't as good I thought it would be. My marks wasn't great and it's considered lucky that I made it to UiTM. People keep saying that,

"Well, guess she got it with the help of her mother. You know that her mother is a lecturer there."  

Ouch, pain in the ear much? It hurt me badly in my heart to know that was people saying about me. There was even a time that someone said that, I don't even deserve to be in UiTM or even to continue my studies. That was a random person that I didn't even know. Thankful I had my mom's friend that time to back me up. She said that, it's a person's REZEKI to get it. She might not have good grades, but she manage to get in with the things that the others see in her. *I'm a masscomm student, so we had to go for interview and such, so I guess they saw something in me? o.O
I thank my mother's friend that day. And now, I've proved myself that I can achieve things without the help of my mother. Wanna know why? Because I manage to get an offer to do fast track for my degree. At first it didn't hit me, but when my mom pointed it out to me, I went, Yeah.. I did it myself this time without her help. All by myself. I managed it and proud of it, and I know that I can achieve more.

So you know, I had though time trying to find myself deep within me. But, with some guidance from a dear person of me, my parents and friends, I manage it. And still needs more improvements. And yes, I feel good about myself. You should too :)

This song is for you people out there. Feel good about yourself.
Cheers :D


  1. feel good for ourself :) yes!
    hye hye masscommer!

  2. Hey ayuyuuu :) Masscomm jugak ke?

  3. yep masscomm. muda satu sem dari awok.
    btw, kte masih sama umur ;) hee. rasenye la..

  4. ayuyuuu: Ahhh.. 2nd intake la kiranya ni :) nice to know some masscomm around :D