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Friday, December 2, 2011

Communication and Media Studies

Surely why some of you are wondering why am I writing about Masscomm. I'm sure that many of you know, Masscomm involves a lot with media. And that is what practically everyone is thinking. Media, media and media. But have you ever thought other than that? Masscomm is not just about being famous artist or being in front of the camera and being a reporter or paparazzi. There is more to it.

Masscomm has a wide range of variety courses that is under it. Of course among it will be Journalism, Broadcasting, Advertising.. This is what mainly the people know. But do you guys know that Public Relation, Interpersonal Communication, Instructional Communication, Publishing, Communication Policy and Regulation and some other more. See there are many other things to it. Not just about being famous in front of the television and let paparazzi follow you everywhere.

Many people think that Masscomm is not a good course to take when is studied in Universities, they say that Masscomm is a bad influence on the generation, don't have a life, no money, no job. Guess what, Those people that you guys keep thinking are the ones who do not know how to lead their life. Meanwhile the others that studied under Masscomm succeed in many things. And can get a lot of money. Example that we can see, take it from a corporate world. Public Relation is the easiest way to see it. Surely many of you know that a Public Relation Officer can do tones of money right? Especially when the person is working under a PR company. Like the Malays always love to say it. Masyukkk bro~

This is just a short one by me. Because it irritates me when ever I introduce myself and tell that I'm a Masscomm student, all of them would go. "Ohhh.. Ni mesti nak duduk depan TV tak pun jadi wartawan kan?" It gets on my nerve. So yeah. Basically, there are tones of things that is related to Masscomm. So, please people. Don't think that Masscomm is a bad thing. People make perception that leads to negative things.


  1. yeah. so true. mcm kt dunia ni doctor n engineer je la yg top. same goes to Tourism. whenever ak introduce myself as tourism major je, people like "huh? tourism?". but mostly akan tanya, "nak jadi dr ng yen yen la ni?". btw, there'are lot of things to do under tourism. bukan jadi menteri je. =3

  2. @Megat
    True true, di sebabkan pengetahuan diaorang cetek pasal subjek subjek lain. Mereka fikir bahawa Doktor dan Jurutera ni lagi hebat. We people can do tones of money and can be equally grate among them. Setiap manusia ada kelebihan masing masing. Jadi semuanya sama bagus. Tetapi disebabkan mentaliti yang agak *ehemehem* mereka memandang rendah kepada kami

  3. @Megat
    Takpe. Like je bebanyak. HAHAHA!