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Wednesday, December 14, 2011

100th Anniversary of Titanic

Grab your boarding pass and let us enter Titanic once more. Bringing back what had happened nearly 100 years ago. The tragic sinking of Titanic that only 700++ survive meanwhile thousands died in the icy cold water of the ocean. 

I purposely write this in a different post because I want to make sure it stands out. 100th anniversary of Titanic. I am sure that all of you know about the legendary sinking ship Titanic. Marina Bay Sands is doing an exhibition now until the 12th of April 2012 in celebrating and remembering all the events that took place of this magnificent ship. The exhibition is located at the art science museum that is located next to the mall where I said before in my precious post. It is also located next to the louis Vuitton unique building.

When I entered the museum, the first thing that greeted me, was this photo below
The real photo of the titanic back then. I don't know why it sets me on goosebumps. Thinking that I would actually see all those artifacts that used to be in Titanic. The real thing. All this moment I only imagine that I had the chance to see all of these. And, I guess, I did get the chance to see all those artifacts. All of those things that was on the seabed that might not be able to see by humans anymore. I am grateful for it.

The experience while I was walking in the exhibition, ecstatic. I am really amazed how they had set up the place so well. It's like I was there in the ship. They showed from the start until the end. The birth of Titanic, how it was build, who was the person behind it, what day it departs, how was the cabin like for the 1st class, 2nd class and 3rd class. How the engine room looks like, the dining, the reading room, the smoking room. Everything about it until the day that Titanic hit the ice burg. It's surprising that they place a real ice in the exhibition. It was cold. They even had the names who had survived and the one did not survived during the tragic moment. Behind each boarding pass there were details on every passenger that boarded Titanic. So we can actually see were those passengers survived or not.

In my opinion, Titanic could have last longer than it should be. The sad memories could have turn into a wonderful and beautiful memories about the ship. But then there wouldn't be any Titanic romance story and all other stuffs. Ok, I'm starting to crap. So, that is all form me. Anyone interested to go for this exhibition you guys can just check it out from google. Cheers !

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