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Sunday, December 4, 2011


Have you guys seen this paper bag before? If yes, I'm sure that you would have taste it. But to those who haven't got a clue what I'm talking here, so let me share it now.

Garrett Popcorn Store. It's not just any ordinary popcorn that you buy to go for the movies and just chuck into your mouth. To me, Garrett offers more than that, the flavour and texture of the popcorn is so different from any other popcorn that you can find. Ok, I start to sound like those people on the TV giving comments on food.

I started to get to know about Garret when I was in Universal Studio Singapore. At first I thought it would just gonna be the same old popcorn that I keep eating. But it was totally different from what I had expect it would be. The first bite of the popcorn was so good that I can't stop consuming it.

CARAMEL CRISP ! This flavour is just so hard to resists. The taste of the caramel makes you all hype up and happy. At least it did it to me. One thing about Garrett Popcorn, the coating that they made is just right. Because it sticks to the entire popcorn. So when ever you take a bite of a single popcorn, you can get all the flavour there. Currently eating Garrett right now. HAHA !

I'm guessing some of you would go "Awh, Singapore? All the way to Singapore just for a popcorn? This is just wasting my time..." Well, guess what people, Garrett has opened it's outlet here in Malaysia ! So no need to worry about going all the way to Singapore for the popcorn. You can get it here ! The taste is exactly same as it is in Singapore. 

The one that is located in Malaysia can be found in Suria KLCC. It's easy to find it. It's near Auntie Anne's Pretzels and also Maybank. So, what are you waiting for? go give it a try !

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