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Tuesday, December 13, 2011

A Road Trip...

Since Selangor had a long weekend last week, so my family and I decided to go somewhere. After one whole day of thinking, finally we came out with a place. Singapore. Yes, Singapore again. But this time, it's a different place. Since last time I went to Universal Studios, so this time we decided to go to Marina Bay Sands. Some of you might think what do they have over there? Roller-coasters? Extreme theme parks? Well, you are about to find out about it.

First and foremost, before we hit to Marina bay, there is a place where you have to stop first when you are in Singapore. Singapore Zam Zam Restaurant. This is a must place that you should go. I highly recommend it. Zam Zam Restaurant is located in Arab Street, Singapore. It's near the Sultan Mosque. Yes yes, it's halal food there. Arab street is the place where you can get the halal food in Singapore. Just an info for those who haven't been to Singapore. So, what food can be found in Zam Zam? Of course this is the place where you can get the best Murtabak in Singapore. It is so nice that you just want to eat everything for yourself. Trust me, when I shared it with my friends last time, it was not enough for the 3 of us. HAHA ! The thickness of the murtabak, the goodness of the meat. The way they cook it, everything is just there. So below are just some of the photos that I took after having a delicious lunch there.

 ^Look at all of those meat he is putting in !

After the delightful lunch, we set off our journey to Marina Bay Sands. What is special about this place? Wanna know? Check out this photo below
Welcome to the Gateway of Marina Bay Sands

Didn't I tell you it's awesome. The swimming pool of this hotel is located on the 57th floor. Form this level you could almost see the entire of Singapore. And the breeze, don't even mention about it. It was nice. I love the night view over there. It was full of lights. Lucky as I was, it was the full moon during that time. It was a lovely night to have a swim with my sisters. The rooms that we booked was nice and comfy too. It was a nice stay there. Oh, just to let you guys know, the hotel is linked to the shopping center too. So, no need to fuss about going shopping. It's just a walking distance. So walk ok people. Here is a little peek on how the mall looks like
Ain't it lovely?

After one night stay in Marina Bay, it was time for us to leave the place. Back to Malaysia. You think it ends here? Nahh.. When we got back to Malaysia, I asked my parents if we could go and have dinner in Malacca. Wish granted, we set off to Umbai. Umbai is the place where you can get the best Ikan Bakar in Melaka. Especially Parameswara Restaurant. But I was unlucky, Parameswara wasn't open on the day i went. Felt like shedding some tears at the moment. But still we went to other restaurant that was around there. And it wasn't bad either. Still I love to go to Parameswara. Hope when I go there next time I could get my hands on the Parameswara food.

When we had filled our tummies, we set our course back to home. Even though it was just a short trip. But it was a fun one. Filled with memories that would be cherish in the future...

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