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Thursday, October 6, 2011

End of Semester 3

Seems like it's only yesterday that I just took step to register myself as a 3rd semester student in UiTM. Guess it's the end of it already. Sweet memories had been made this semester. Awesome classmates, cool roommates, friendly friends. I'm already starting to miss all of those hectic moments we had together.

My mom said that this semester is the toughest semester ever. Well, it is. Seeing with all the subjects that I took, News writing, Psychology, Instructional Communication, Communication in Islam, English for Academic Purposes and the thing that I'm really interested in, Public Relation. Even it's like only 6 subjects, but it's challenging for me. I need to manage my time with my duties to the college of my life (Tun Fatimah ROCKS!), and committing myself to studies. It wasn't easy, but I try to manage it as good as possible. Now I just hope that my result would come out good. *Dear God, please help to to get good grades this semester. Amin...

The thing about this semester, I feel closer to my classmates then the past two semester. Seriously. I never felt united with them like this. We hang out together, play futsal, bowling and ate dinner all together. But, I'm guessing that it would only last this semester, since some of them are setting a foot a head before us to take fast track in Degree. Surely the others who stay back to finish their Diploma would miss the laughter and fun we had together. MC110 class of H, you guys rock ! Surely we will meet again for the next semester known as MC110 4H :D [Sounds sooo cool, and sooo senior. HAHAHA!]

Roomies ! Atikah, Izzati and a cute junior Wan Khalida. Had tones of fun with them too. Especially when Ain and Eja comes into the room and start to make some noise and do crazy stuffs, I'll usually just look at the things that they are doing and laugh at it. Only at times I feel like joining. Coz, it's fun just to see them doing the crazy things and laughing at it. Matured girls, yet silly when the time comes. But the fun part when one of us started to act like a mother and ask us to stop and everything goes even more wild. *imguessingthatswhywanalwaysstayedinherfriendsroom.sorrywan!* TEEHEE :D  But I know you don't mind it right right right?

All in all, it's a semester that I will never forget. Memories cherish and kept forever. I miss all of you lots in UiTM Already ! Yes, Including you, even though I might not know you. Hey, you're an UiTM student too right? Without you guys, UiTM Lendu, Alor Gajah surely would be a graveyard. Empty and lifeless. HAHAHA! Can't wait to start semester 4 back. More challenges to overcome and obstacles to avoid. See you guys soon ! UiTM DiHati ku <3

 Class futsal :)
 Bowling at MIBC Melaka. Total fun with you guys
Surely  I miss you guys ! All the laugh during night time and other things that we did.


  1. slmat bercuti!!**motif...erk...ahaha..hope result gempak an..=)...

  2. selamat bercuti comel :)

  3. amiera.. slmat bcti n slmat bknalan :)