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Thursday, October 13, 2011

Rest in Peace dear one.

Some people might not even bother to read about this post, but I know some would. Today I loose a dearest cat of mine. It was hard to accept that that cute fuzzy cat had left us forever. No more chasing him around here and there and goofing around with him. This entry is attribute to those who had lost a pet that they love.

This is Stripey, he is among the first ones that was born in my family. He and his sisters all together 4 of them. Baby (may he rest in peace too), Stripey, Snowy and Fabulous. Born on the year of 2010. Yup, they are 1 years old. Among these 4, Stripey and Snowy are the hardest to take care of. Coz, they just love to sneak out of the house and walk around here and there. But, they are nice cats. In the family, stripey is considered a lovely cat with his fluffy fur and cute cuddly face. Almost everyone that visit to the house would start to like him straight away. One thing about Stripey, he loves to show off his beautiful tail. It is beautiful, seriously everyone would go "OHHMAYGAWD ! Look at his tail.. Long and fluffy.." Some even said "Boleh jadi blusher punya brush ni..." Sounds funny. TEEHEE.

2 days back, something happened, Stripey came back home and started to vomit his food. We thought it was just something with the food that we gave, we did all we can to make him feel better. But, it continued for the next days. My mom said, that Stripey might ate a rat poison. That's why he was vomiting like that. That night, Stripey didn't came home. We tried looking for him, yet still couldn't be found. The next day (that is today), a neighbor cam to the house and said that they found Stripey dead behind their house. I was shock to see Stripey gone. When I told everybody in my family about it, they were even shock with the news. We had loose a great cat of the family.

I really do hope that Stripey would be ok in the afterlife. Stripey, I'm sorry for all the things that I've done. We all love you in the family. We all cherish you of being a part in our family. We would always remember you. Love you my fuzzy kitty..

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