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Friday, September 23, 2011

You're officially 19 !

Finally you are officially 19 ! See, I didn't forget about it. I remembered it ! Say congrats to me now ! HAHAHA. Just kidding. 

Known him for almost 5 years. Started to know him from Myspace. From the first look when he added he looked like a normal kid to me. But our friendship grew. From total strangers, we became friends. Sharing our opinion on things and at times our problems. Later it grew greater when both of us became best friends. He is a kind person, caring too. He's sweet, and adorable. Tender and gentle. Yet at times he can be extremely crazy and funny. Wouldn't stop laughing around when we have the time together. Even though I don't have the chance to meet him, and even our friendship grows from Myspace to Facebook to Blog, (it means virtually known la, hehe), but it doesn't stop us to be friends. We kind of depend on each other on some things. We share the common interest in photography and editing. P/S: He has the skills to edit nice photos, no joke. Getting to know you, makes me know what friendship truly means. Honestly I never quite had a best friend, but you changed it and become my best friend, you know how I can be at times, and I do also help you ok. Don't get touchy reading this. TEEHEE joke ! You're my dearest friend :)

Amezy Syafie, today is your special day. 
We might have not meet each other, YET. But surely one day we will meet and hang out and have tones tones tones of fun together. 
Semoga Allah memberi rahmat kepada anda. Semoga panjang umur dan murah rezeki juga. 
Not forgetting, Hope that our friendship would last forever :)
Happy Birthday Dear Friend 

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    semoga kita di panjangkan umur dan diberkati oleh nya .