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Thursday, September 8, 2011

Eight Below

Maybe some of you guys have watched the movie Eight Below, where eight dogs were left behind during an expedition but manage to survive by themselves without their owner. It's funny to see how well the dogs had kept themselves well. Sure it's kind of a sad story, but it truly inspired me.

I'm surprise with the courage that the dogs have. They could survive for more than 100 days. The way they bring themselves and stay in their pack. The teamwork. How I wish we as humans could take that as an inspiration to us. Maybe some of you guys agree with me and some don't. I don't mind about it. This is my opinion on it.

Lately as we can see, we the humans, keep having negative thinking. Examples like, talking back about others, playing bad tricks, making fun of people and etc. Don't you think that these things should be gone for this world to be a happy place for everyone to live in?

Why do we need to fight among one another? Why do we need to kill among one another? Why can't people just be happy about the things that they have? Bukan ke Islam mengajar kita untuk bersyukur? Why need to greed? I think its time for us to actually stop thinking of oneself and start thinking for the others. Who knows one day we could all live in a happy world. No wars, no crimes, no bad things that's for sure.

Maybe some of you think that I'm just writing crap here, but if we think about it, it would expand and impact to a large number of people. Don't you think that is good? I certainly think that it is good. So people, lets try to make this a better life and a better place to live in :)

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