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Saturday, September 17, 2011

There is no wrong to it

Some people might belief in what I say. Some don't. That's life. There is no wrong to it. Especially when it comes to hope.

Here is a brief definition of HOPE :

 emotional state which promotes the belief in a positive outcome related to events and circumstances in one's life

Hope is a good thing actually. It helps us to feel good about something. Like in the definition, positive outcomes. That's what we want. POSITIVE. When we have positive energy in the body, many good things would come to us. In other words, the results that is given out, is the best results we would want to get. Hope + Dedicated Commitment would help oneself to achieve it. At least we know we could achieve something. Some people rely on hope to get them motivated OK.  

But too much hoping can lead to bad circumstances too. When someone hopes to high, they might ended up squashing themselves in grieve and would give up hoping. Well, that's not good. Maybe some people can do work without hoping anything. But it's kind of weird ain't it? You work hard, but in the end you just say, what I get is what I get. Kind of funny, still sounds like hope to me. Just that, it is torn between two things, you hope to get it, or you don't get it. See? Makes sense doesn't it? 

Some people are afraid to hope because they don't dare to hope. They are scared that it might break their hearts again. I remembered a teacher told me, if you have a small heart, you would get hurt easily, but if you have a big heart, even though there are many wound that's been hurting you, you wouldn't feel to much pain because you have a big heart. So shall we start to have big hearts everyone? 

Hope always give a new breath to you. Start to learn to hope, but remember, don't hope too high until you forget to commit yourself to the things that you should do. That way, you could achieve what you want. Don't be afraid, don't let go, because no matter where you go. HOPE is always with you. :)

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