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Friday, January 4, 2013


The smell of tension is in the air. Why? It's because of final semester exams. Currently finished with one paper. 4 more to go. Gosh I do feel like dying already. No wait I can't. Fighting !

Well actually that is not the topic for today. Talking about finals is quite boring. Maybe I should eliminate the "quite" because it is a boring thing, and stressful not to mention.

I am very sure that many of you can catch what am I gonna talk about today. Of course judging with the topic and also the photo provided. P E O P L E. Everyday in our daily life we meet new people, we interact with people and such. Today I would like to share my experience on people for this ending semester.

Earlier this semester my classmates and I were divided into two groups. A and also B. After such hard time with the schedule and managements, we finally settled down with the respective classes. Truth to tell, I was actually scared going into those classes. To think that, I am still quite new and was only with my classmates from diploma, then going into someone else's class makes me nervous.

Would they accept me? Would they throw us out from their group? But it turns out I was being too judgmental. I was happy to meet them and to know them. Then again learning about them, opened me up to various more people. How they are like, their attitude and things like that. Not to mention the lecturers. Every single one with very unique personality.

The thing is, through out this semester, I have learned a lot on how to communicate and handle with people around me. It opened my eye to realize that I was being self centered at times and I didn't think about what others felt and what troubles that they might go through. I felt bad about it. I used to think that I was the person that understands people and stuff, but when things like this happen, I see that Allah wants me to slow down on my pace and look around me.

Here I would also want to apologize to a particular person that experience my extreme stupidity. To that person, I am sorry. Here is actually my apology words for you. I purposely wrote it in Hangul. yang mana paham tu, it's better to keep it to yourself  and sorry if there is any wrong spelling errors or construction of sentences.

Other than that, I also learn that, someone older than us can actually act really childish. Cursing around, raising the voice and such. It was an unpleasant experience ever that I actually faced. Never in my entire life that I would encounter that kind of person.

As much as I hate it, it thought me that, raging around, cursing here and there about the past is just a waste of time. Looking and moving forward is what matters the most. To even think that for a moment I actually looked up to you, it just tumble down on that very day. The way you say bad things about us to those people and other mean things, in the end, I actually pity you for it. But I really do hope you can change. For the better of us and you.

Mainly these are the highlights for this semester actually. Hey, I am still a girl trying to learn to grow up. Humans makes mistakes, and it is best to forgive and forget about it. Even though it might take time to forget about it, but slowly we will manage to let it go...

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