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Saturday, September 12, 2009

SPM trials

its been a long time i haven't updated this blog. lolz. well. trials of course. been cracking my heat like s***! exam started like a few days ago. so, frequently i had took 8 papers. ans there are still tones to go ==. [dear god, plz let me survive this]

first day of trials, i had 3 papers. accounts 2, bm 1 and history 1. on the second day was only accounts paper, so it was just easy since that its only a,b,c,d. can just like choose it. the only time that i actually MATI SYAHID in class was during chemistry. Holy C**** the paper was damn hard! all of us were so tensed up that i think many mati syahid already that time.

1 thing for sure, know i'm going to fail my chem3 trials paper ==" all because of what? not answering section C.. T^$@T&*@T*R&@# haizz... sure one die die die die! all because of the paper was stapled wrongly. and i was soooo stupid to actually not to look at the back page. ==" guess i was just so blur to get that paper already. and i can't believe that pn.H actually laughed at me when i said the paper was hard. Cikgu, paper tu mmg ssh ok... =="
enough of chem3.. no want talk about it X(

yesterdays paper was ok. at lest i could answer most of the questions. So, it can be considered as easy. history paper 2 and also agama islam paper 1. can laa do. not much prob there.

the only prob will be next week. more papers to come. haizz.. pray for me so that i wouldn't do stupid mistakes again.. Aminn~

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