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Monday, August 3, 2009


Have you all ever heard about the word PMS? I'm guessing that majority of us knows what is PMS right? Well, right now, I'm not talking about the usual PMS that you people know. Want to know what is it? Ok, ok, don't be fussy. I'll tell.

Have you people ever think to make different words out of the initial PMS? Maybe some do, some maybe no. I've got to know some funny words that you can make out of PMS. For example, PMS = Problem Matic Shern. HAHA! Yeah, that was something that some of my classmates made up. They eveen wrote, PMS = Pissed Mad Sabrini. No sense of humour that I can find there. Seriously no offesense girls. The fun part came when our physic's teacher came into class. Maybe some of you have actually get to know who she is.[I posted something about her here a few months ago]. We still actually try to get to her about the "thing". LOL!

Ok, back to the story. We were learning about semiconductor diodes, until she got towards the second board and saw the PMS that was written. All of us started to giggle and laugh when she made her famous face. Most of us stopped laughing, but Michelle was still laughing. When this happens, our beloved teacher made a conclusion on the found letter of P.M.S. Want to know what she says?
P: Probably
M: Mad
S: Students

All of us burst in a huge fit. It took about 5 minutes for us to actually stop laughing. So now girls, you girls can use PMS on guys! How cool is that? Hahahaha! Usually guys tease you on this right? now its time to get back to them! Guys can also have PMS! ahaha! xP
This all thanks to my beloved Physics teacher!

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