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Thursday, June 4, 2009

Sudahh Pass!

weeeeeeeehaaaaaa! finally after 1 month of waiting. yup yup! i passes my JPJ test! so i'm getting my lisence next week! hahaha! and this is how the story goes.

as usual i wake up in the morning, since my maid is not around right now, i went down and made breakfast. after the house chores were done, i went up to do the necessary things. u know what laa.. then after that around 9.30 the akk from metro came to take me. we arrived pretty early actually. i still had 1 hour to kill before going to take the test. 10.50 a.m i went to the hall where we all had to go and register. i got number 10. well, suppose to be number 12, but i dunno.. well, first off was the second part of the test. that was climbing the hill, side parking and 3 point turn. i was soo happy that i made it. but the other worse part worse well, part 3 of the test.

part 3 is test on the road. i gave my very very best, and everything was perfect. not until i got beck to metro and i actually went into other peoples road and not staying in my lane. during that time, i was in a pure shock. this is how the conversation goes:
JPJ: haa! makan jalan orang
me: alamak! sorry-sorry!
JPJ: ape laa.. dah elok dah. ni mkn jln org plak, dh dh! pg parking sblah sana!
me: *aduh.. dh kne plak dh.. hbs laa kalo kne ulang!*
JPJ: arghh.. x per lah.. awk bwk smpai habis. igt, lain ni jln awk jgn mkn jln org phm?
me: ye ye.. sy termasuk td... tersilap..*muke sposen*

-di depan dewan-
JPJ: awak tunggu kat sni kejap. jgn pg mana2. tggu tau!
me: baik cik..
JPJ: hmmm.. nape duk gigit bibir tu?
me: *just keep quite and smile*
JPJ: haa.. nah, lulus. igt tau, lain kali jgn mkn jln org.
me: terima kasih cik.

i was about to scream when i got out. alhamdulillah i passed it. thank god that i didn't failed that part. if not, i'll have to re-take the test again next week. but thank god i passed. and that's it. :)

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