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Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Resolutions for New Year and a little summary

Well, as you all know new year is just around the corner. Goodbye 2008 and hello 2009! Well, this year has been one memorable year. With joy and laughter and not forgetting sadness and all those. GAH! Lets have a little summary of this year.. hahaha! in january of course everyone knows we start with school. I tell you, form 4 year is not the year of honeymoon as they say. Thank God I didn't believe it. If not sure die one.. [since i almost die already in form 4.. fail 3 subjects wey! !] back to the main story. In feb there was nothing much if i'm not mistaken, march the month test, april [my birthday!!] still nothing.. may, jun goes on the same.. i dunno why my life is like a piece of crap.. BORING! in july there was hari K. We had to sell all those stuff and had fun. Freinds and family were there.. In August, comes the monthly test again. oh! did i mention that we had mid year exam in may? guess i didn't.. =.=!! ok ok! then if i'm not mistaken it was in sep me and some of my classmates went to pulau kapas. This is the peak of all of the month. We had fun on the island. You know getting along with one another. Even though there were some conflicts during the trip. But we made it through. Well, the other 2 months of schooling was nothing much but study, study, study and more study. [we didn't finish our sylibus for physics. Oh No!] then the holiday came. Yay! ! as happy as all of you are i rarely enjoy it. Wanna know why? TUITION! ! ! yeah.. the early of holidays was full of tuition. I went for 2 tuition on in KL. Kasturi KL to be more accurate, to get ahead start for my SPM. and the second tuition is with Mr. Ben, to finish off my physics last chapter that is light. *If anyone who is interested to join tuition with Mr. Benjamin or with Kasturi please inform me!*

And now here we are. at the end of 2008, in about 12 hours more or so we will enter year 2009. in my case. SPM year. urgh! hearing the words makes my stomach have butterflies.. my resolution for 2009 are simple. Only two, well, two for now. Maybe there will be others later. but the most important one is SPM! To score 9A1's is the main target of 2009. And the other one is to loose weight. oh oh! i just had another one in mind! Being successful in life! xD
that's for now.


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